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A Word About Supply of Stand Up Paddleboards During Covid

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As you know the pandemic of 2020 has hit everyone in the world hard, and the sport of stand up paddleboaring is no different.

The problem with covid as it relates to SUP is the broken supply chain.  There are massive out of stock inventory issues with most SUP and SUP accessory manufactures.  This supply issue is not just limited to SUP, nearly every industry is facing similar problems.

The folks here are having been doing our best to recommend SUPs that are actually in stock that you can purchase right now.

We make money from recommending SUPs that we like.  When you click our link, then purchase a SUP or accessory, we make a small commission as an affiliate.  That is how we pay to keep the lights on with this website.  So it's in our best interest to:

1. Recommend SUPs we like and think you will like and

2. Recommend SUPs that are in stock that you can actually purchase

The problem that we have had for the last couple months of the holiday season is #2.  Nearly all the manufacturers and retail sites are sold out of nearly all sizes and shapes of paddleboards.

And the inventories are not being replenished in a timely manner.  We don't know when new inventories will come in.

We have never seen anything like this.

We have tried to alter our recommendations to make sure that our selections are in stock, and that worked for a little bit, but now, entering the new year, even that strategy is not working.

There are very few selections available, and if you need a specific SUP, now might not be the time for you to buy.  It might be better to wait a few months.

This being said, there are some SUPs still available for purchase.  For whatever reason, it seems the inflatable stand up paddleboard manufactures are still able to produce.  Not sure why, maybe there is a shorter lag time in the supply chain.

Anyway, here are a few that still have stock in SUPs (although no guarantees, and this can change at anytime).

Bluefin SUP

Bluefin SUP has been the rockstar during these crazy times.  Not only is one of our favorite manufacturers during normal times because of great paddleboards and a 5 year manufacturer warranty to cover any manufacturing faults, etc, etc, but they have remained (mostly) in stock.  

Definitely check them out if you're looking for a great iSUP.

iRocker SUP

iRocker SUP is another of the inflatable SUP companies that has done a pretty good job of staying in stock. They ran out of a bit of products near Christmas, but they are mostly back fully stocked.  

One of the nice things about the iRocker line is that they have 3 different lines, the Nautical (beginner), the namesake iRocker (intermediate) , and the premium Blackfin (advanced).

Atoll Paddleboards

Atoll has also been able to remain in stock during this crazy time.  Atoll is another manufacturers that makes exclusively inflatable SUPs.  The best thing about their boards?  They are just plain tough.  Seriously.  You can watch a video of them driving a 4Runner SUV over thier fully inflated board, and it doesn't even notice.  Here's the video:

Hard/Epoxy/Fiberglass/Soft Tops/Non Inflatable SUPs

Some of our favorite as well as best selling paddleboards are non-inflatables.  Don't get us wrong, we love iSUPs, but there are definitely times when a rigid paddleboard is the best way to go.  And here we just don't have great news.  

For whatever reason, the rigids from just about all the SUP manufacturers are being extremely slow to replenish their inventories.  Again this is due to shortages through-out the entire manufacturing supply chain.

We love rigids and we hope they get back in stock soon, but the reality is you're probably going to have to wait for months at the least.

If you can go with an inflatable, now is the time, if not, then it's best for you to wait.

Not the news we want to give you, but we live in crazy times.

Going Forward

We may add to this list in the future (as of this writing it's March 30th. 2021).  Or if things get back to normal, which would be great and the best case scenario, we'll just delete this page.

Have a great year and get out there on the water and have some fun!