fishingman paddling on a SUP with fishing poles attached

Top Fishing Paddle Boards for Sale

These are the Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Fishing

Stand up paddle boards can be great for fishing because they let you get into areas that are off limits to other type of water craft.

A SUP can give you access to just about anywhere that a kayak can get to, but they have the added advantage of being about to stand up to get a better view of the fish.

And you can also maneuver and cast better from standing position.

Our Favorite Fishing Paddleboards 

We've tried a ton of boards.  Some are pretty good for fishing, some are great, and some are terrible (but we'll leave out their names). 

Modern SUP’s that are specifically designed for fishing, can also hold a lot of gear. They have all manner of strap, and bungee systems, so that you can carry all the fishing gear you need, and also large objects like coolers.

above angled view of the sea eagle fishsup inflatable with accessories

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out:

  • Inflatable
  • Can hold 2 passengers
  • 360 degree swivel seat
  • Removable rear motor mount
  • Fully set up in under 10 minutes

This is a serious fishing paddle board. It’s got a ton of features that improve your fishing experience.

It’s an extremely stable board with 3 removable skegs, 40 inch wide deck, and 6 inches thick.

This FishSUP 126 is designed for long fishing adventures. You can use the seat, and get the benefits of paddling a kayak, or you can stand to get the added advantage from a higher viewpoint. There is also a removable motor mount, so you can add an electric motor on the back to get you across longer distances.

We really love the swivel seat on this SUP.  Many paddle boards have a kayak conversion seat available, but this swivel seat is designed with the fisherman in mind, and just shows you the attention to detail that Sea Eagle built into this paddle board.

The FishSUP 126 is a fully loaded paddle board. It has a 36 inch ruler on the front of the board so you can be sure of the size of you catch.

There are 14 D-rings installed all over the surface that makes this paddle board highly configurable to your needs.

There is a swallow tail in the back that is designed to give room for a motor, and for added maneuverability. The motor mount is simple and easy to install and remove, and it can hold an electric motor capable of 55 lbs. of thrust.

The foam EVA deck pad, not only is good at preventing slipping, it is also designed to be tough enough to prevent punctures from fish hooks.

How serious of a fishing vessel do you want? That’s a question you need to ask yourself because the FishSUP 126 is highly configurable. You can get the base model, which is just the board, backpack, paddle, and pump.

Or, you can go all the way and get the fully loaded model with the swivel seat, electric motor, motor battery, additional kayak paddle, and a multi-purpose storage box. Or you can get a model with features somewhere in between the base and fully loaded.

Something to consider with the FishSUP 126 is the weight. It’s a heavy paddle board and the more accessories and supplies you add on, the heavier it gets. This is just a reality of this type of board.

Because of the weight, you might want to consider the EZ Cart System. The EZ Cart System is a set of rust proof wheels that strap to the back the board enabling you to pull the board with ease. This extremely useful if you are transporting the board any distance, or doing it solo.

The FishSUP 126 is a serious stand up paddle board designed to get you on the fish. If you’re an avid fisherman and you looking for a way to get to more difficult to reach fishing holes, and you enjoy a bit of exercise from paddling, this board is for you.

Pros of this Board

  • A dedicated fishing paddle board
  • Extremely well balanced and easy to set up right out of the box
  • Sit, stand, fish, motor, or troll, whatever works best for you 

Cons of this option

  • If you're going to use this several times a week, you probably should buy an electric air pump
south bay board co hippocamp fishing paddle board pictured with all it's accessories

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out:

  • Inflatable
  • Good for beginners, yet includes all the extras for the more experienced 
  • Convenient paddle holding straps on the iSUP’s rail
  • Attachable kayak seat included

The South Bay Board Co (SBBC) went all out and made sure the Hippocamp inflatable fishing paddleboard is a value packed option that will not disappoint.

This paddleboard is 11'6" long and can support up to 450 lbs., this is enough stable enough to support two people and their fishing gear.  Although most of our customers only paddle the Hippocamp solo, with a lot of gear, and some even bring along their (well behaved) dog.

The SBBC built this inflatable SUP to hold up to the elements using proprietary double layered military grade PVC material outer shell with top and bottom deck stringer for extra rigidity when fishing gear is piled up.

The Hippocamp comes with everything your need in a fishing SUP like coiled leash, an adjustable paddle, with straps to secure it while fishing, bungee straps, high capacity hand pump for inflating your board, repair kit, kayak seat, and even a cooler (!) with clips to secure to the board.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention it also comes with bag that holds all the equipment.

The South Bay Board Company not only put a lot of effort into making the Hippocamp a great product and a great value, they back it up with quality customer service.  

Everyone we have recommended this board, if they had to contact customer service, said that they were great and responded quickly.  One customer even said that they received a hand written Thank You note from the company when they purchased the Hippocamp.

Now, we don't guarantee hand written notes, we're just saying this to point out that this California company cares, not only about their product, but also about their service.  And that's important when you're spending this much money on a SUP.

Pros of this Board

  • 2 fishing rod holders and mounts included
  • 450 lbs. weight capacity, good for holding plenty of fishing gear
  • A reasonable price for a fishing SUP

Cons of this option

  • The paddle that comes with it is not the best quality
top, bottom, and side view of the bote hybrid fishing kayak sup

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out:

  • Inflatable
  • Hybrid kayak / paddleboard
  • Removable top chamber for quick conversion
  • Can easily transport just about any where
  • Length: 12'6"

BOTE, a company headquartered in Florida, takes fishing SUPs seriously.

The BOTE Lono is an inflatable that is half kayak, half paddleboard, and completely focused on fishing.

Do you like to accessorize your fishing SUP?  Well the Lono can be configured and accessorized in an endless number of ways to get it setup for exactly how you want it.

The Lono has a four chamber construction which give it the kayak levels of performance and at 35.5 inches wide, this paddleboard / kayak will be one of the most stable vessels you ever experience.  

This stability lets you cast with confidence and will help to improve your casting distance.

It flexes little when you're moving around on it. Even when the top chamber isn't installed the Lono holds its shape and cuts through the water.

The Lono is ideal for those looking to go on longer range fishing expeditions and even overnight camping trips. Because has a max capacity of 400 lbs, you can really load up all the gear you'll need for a serious fishing adventure.

The Lono is also great for those that need a solid fishing vessel, but that takes up little space and is easy to travel with.  It comes with it's own rolling carry bag making it airport friendly and begging to be taken on a fishing adventure.

Or, the Lono is equally ready to go fish your coastal backwaters closer to home.

If you are looking for a dedicated fishing SUP, the Lono is a perfect match.  It can hold all your gear, including a cooler, for a long day of fishing.  

Endlessly configurable it can also be the ideal platform to have fun on the water with the family because it can hold multiple people due to it's 400 pound capacity.

If you want to catch big monsters and a super stable vessel that can be used with the whole family, the Lono is for you.

Pros of this Board

  • 60 day 100% satisfaction manufacturer guarantee
  • The included hand pump is incredibly easy and surprisingly fast
  • Complete setup is easy and only takes between 10-15 minutes

Cons of this option

  • The quality of the paddle is not the best
top, bottom, and side view of Bote Rover SUP with paddle

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out:

  • Sunken cockpit
  • Running chines for increase stability at speed
  • Deep V nose
  • Power Well
  • STASHPOD watertight storage area

How serious are you about stand up paddle boarding and fishing? Because the Bote Rover is only for the obsessed, so if this is not you, can get skip this write up.

The Rover is unlike any other paddle board. Part paddle board, part boat, this can be classified as a micro skiff.

This thing is endlessely configurable, so it basically depends on your imagination how you want to set it up.

But let’s be clear from the beginning, this is not cheap. The Rover starts at $3,500, and goes up depending on what accessories you want.

The Rover is designed for expedition fishing. They are designed to handle a 6-HP Hidea Outboard motor. What’s really cool about this setup, is when you have arrived at your fishing hole, and you can pull the outboard completely out of the water making for better paddling and maneuverability.

fishing sup in marsh

Because this is a part boat, it needs to be of tougher construction than your average paddle board. To provide this extra toughness, BOTE useless a patented Gatorboard construction that uses ballistic grade composites. This thing is built to handle the added stresses of a motor at speed.

The Rover will take you places no other paddle board can reach at speeds not possible on other boards. Because of these features, the Rover is heavy, weighing 105 pounds with nothing added on it.

Due to the weight you’ll need to get wheel system to carry the Rover to and from your water destination.

The BOTE Rover is the most serious stand up paddle board for fishing on the market. It is not for everyone. It is for those few that are obsessed.

Pros of this Board

  • If you're into duck hunting, this changes the game
  •  Super shallow, super durable, super stable
  • Ability to creep in to water less than a foot deep

Cons of this option

  • Expensive 

Final Thoughts

Most people looking for a stand up paddleboard aren't looking for one just to go fishing on.  But there are some dedicated fisherman out there that have found a whole new world of fishing opportunities available to those adventurous enough to fish on a SUP.

The boards we listed are some of the best you can get, and it will enable you to get to a new level of fun on your next day at the lake, inland water ways, or where your honey hole is located.