man paddling on a green SUP

The Best Lake Paddle Boards for Sale Currently

Looking for a good paddle board for the lake?

There are many different type and styles of stand up paddle boards.  If you are looking for a SUP for the lake, that narrows the field of options slightly, which is a good thing.

For example, if your main water to paddle on is a lake, then you probably won't need a board that is good on 5 foot  waves.  

The Benefits of Lake Paddle Boards

Transport is generally the number one reason why someone wants a lighter board.  Inflatable SUPs now come with full backpacks and there is a niche within SUP of people that like to hike to remote mountain lakes and rivers to paddle for adventure. 

In this case a lighter weight board is a prime concern when deciding which SUP to purchase.  You may also want a lighter SUP for children or petite women, because it will be easier to carry from where you are storing the board, to where the water you'll be paddling on is located.

We will list our top recommendations for lightweight boards and most of them will be inflatable SUPs, but we'll also recommend a couple rigid SUPs that are surprisingly lightweight as well.

top, bottom, and side view of Bluefin Cruise SUP with kayak seat and accessories


  • Available in lengths: 10'8", 12', 15' 
  • Exclusive kayak conversion kit
  • Travel backpack
  • Fiberglass adjustable paddle
  • Integrated GoPro mount on board nose

You can actually get the Bluefin Cruise in 3 different sizes: 10’8”, 12’, and the massive 15’. The Cruise is great because it is one of the best values in inflatable paddle boards.

It does everything you need it to for a reasonable price, which makes it a great SUP for a weekend trip to the lake.

The Bluefin Cruise is versatile, from converting to a kayak (the seat is included) to running white water, to just cruising, the Cruise is great for all SUP activities.

This is more of a no frills paddle board, but nothing is lacking, except a high price. It comes with a removable center fin, a leash, paddle, pump, a kayak seat, and durable backpack for transport. Even though this package is cheaper, it still maintains a high level of quality in materials an build.

If you want a complete package that travels light, with ample stability, and the ability to handle a whole family with different skill levels, the Bluefin Cruise is for you.

Pros of this Board

  • Easy to travel with just toss in the trunk of your car and go
  • Double action hand pump means your SUP inflates quickly
  • Bluefin's quality is better than anything else in this price range

Cons of this option

  • Be careful when disconnecting the pump not to accidently open the valve that lets the air out.
Atoll inflatable stand up paddleboard complete package in army green


  • Available in 4 different color combinations
  • Discounts available for Military, 1st Responders, and Healthcare Workers
  • Travel backpack
  • Ready for lakes, rivers, oceans, fishing, relaxing, and SUP yoga
  • Weight: 19 lbs.

The Atoll paddleboard company hails from southern California.  The have taken a simple and direct approach to paddleboards.  Atoll focuses on building the strongest and lightest iSUP around, with this board weighing only 19 pounds.

Why is the Atoll Army Green SUP good for beginners?  Because it's an inflatable, and there that means it's forgiving.  If you bump into a dock, a boat, another paddler, or even a swimmer, they will not be hurt.  

It's a reasonably priced complete package - you don't need to spend an arm and a leg on your first paddleboard.

This Atoll SUP can handle a variety of conditions from flat water, to touring, to rivers and small waves.  

And this SUP is tough.  A beginner won't have to worry about damaging it.  You can even drive an SUV over it.

The Atoll iSUP Package comes with everything you need to quickly get on the water.  The pump is a dual-action pump which means it inflates when you pull the handle up, and when you push down, cutting your inflating time in half.

A coil leash, removable center fin, and carrying and storage backpack are included.  The backpack is built with heavy duty nylon and big enough to hold everything your need, including the pump.  

So if you are an adventurous paddler, that like to hike to hard-to-get-to lakes and have a SUP to explore on, then this package is for you.

This iSUP package comes with fiberglass paddle, but if you want to reduce weight even more you can opt for the 100% carbon fiber paddle for an additional cost.

Here at PaddleboardSurf we really like it when we see a strong warranty.  That means the manufacturer is confident in their product.  Atoll stands behind their iSUP with a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

 And it's not surprising.  Atoll boards are built so tough that they can drive an SUV over their fully inflated board, with no damage! 

Pros of this Board

  • Anyone can use this paddle board
  • Complete ready-to-go iSUP package
  • The size that is is right for just about everyone

Cons of this option

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 2 Year Warranty means there is not much to dislike.

#3. IROCKER Nautical 10'6"

Nautical by iRocker inflatable SUP package


  • Complete package, everything you need to get on the water
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Length: 10'6" , Width 32"
  • Value priced
  • Kayak conversion compatible

The Nautical by iRocker is their entry level paddleboard, which allows you to get on the water quickly, easily, and affordably, which is great for beginners.  The Nautical is also one of the lightest SUP currently on our list.

When you're just getting started with the sport of SUP, there's no need to break the bank with an expensive board.  That's one of the reasons why the Nautical is a great choice for a beginner, quality ride, without the expensive price tag.

But don't worry, the Nautical is still constructed in the same manner as all of iRocker's high quality products and comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on all workmanship and materials.

For one low price you get iRocker's quality inflatable that is built very tough and won't dent or get damaged from normal use.  The Nautical has nice control, great design, awesome price, lightweight and is easily transportable.

The difference between the Nautical line and the more upscale lines from iRocker is that doesn't have carbon fiber in the paddle shaft (carbon fiber is expensive), the pump that is included has a single chamber instead of a dual chamber, and the backpack doesn't have wheels.  

This is all reasonable because iRocker wanted to make a quality, yet affordable SUP.  To learn more about the differences in the iRocker brands, check out this interesting infographic they made on their brand comparison page.

Overall this is a really solid "entry level" package for a SUP.  With the Nautical you'll get a fun board that everyone can use, has room enough to attach a cooler, and is even dog friendly!

Pros of this Board

  • Carbon enhanced side walls for unusual stability for an inflatable
  • Incredible quality for a very reasonable price
  • This thing has amazing glide and just flows through the water

Cons of this option

  • Kinda boring graphics, you have to like the color grey
top, bottom, side view of roc isup with all it's accessories


  • Complete package, everything you need to get on the water
  • Weight: 17.5 lbs! and 20% lighter than competitors 
  • Length: 10' , Width 33"
  • Value priced complete package
  • One of the top 5 best selling SUP in the entire industry

The ROC Sup Co. really hit it out of the park with this package.  This ROC inflatable SUP at only 17.5 lbs. in weight is the lightest paddleboard that we know of.  

But don't be fooled by the lightweight, this is still a SUP that will hold up.  The ROC motto is, "Rugged, quality, affordable, FUN", and this SUP lives up to that, because it's not just a board, but an entire package that has everything you need to quickly get on the water.

This ROC SUP package is one of the top selling paddleboards on the market.  It is the #2 best selling paddleboard on all of Amazon, and there are thousand of other SUPs on Amazon that it competes against. 

This board is wide and stable at 33 inches in width and 6 inches in depth and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.  You can't build a SUP this lightweight, that can hold 300 lbs, unless you are using top quality military grade materials and stitching.

The ROC SUP Package has everything you need to get on the water, lightweight collapsible aluminum paddle, hand pump for inflation, detachable fin, comfortable safety leash, waterproof accessory bag, and a rugged, comfortable backpack to carry it all.

Overall this is a really solid entry level package for a SUP.  And that's why it's so popular.

Don't just take our word for it.  Click the button below to go Amazon and this this SUP's over 4,500 5-star reviews.  

You're gonna love this iSUP!

Pros of this Board

  • Lightest SUP that we know of
  • Incredible quality for a very low price
  • Comfortable and convenient, this complete elite package will get you anywhere you want to paddle.

Cons of this option

  • Only 10 feet long is on the short side, if you're a taller person there are better options
top, bottom, and side view of the pau hana malibu classic with paddle


  • Length: 10'6"
  • Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Board Stability: High
  • Width: 34 inches
  • Weight: 31 lbs.

The Pau Hana Malibu Classic is a great beginner to intermediate hard paddle board.  The Malibu Classic is a very durable board, at an affordable price, that can withstand taking a beating.  

The durability comes from the EPS foam core of the board being wrapped in ABS plastic and vacuum formed with Kevlar reinforcement lining the rails for extra rigidity.

This Pau Hanna is a quality board that is both stable and fast through the water, that can even handle a dog on the front of the board with no problems, you'll love the Malibu Classic.  The "Classic" longboard surf shape makes this a great cruiser that beginners and families will really enjoy.

This SUP comes with an adjustable aluminum paddle, an accessory attachment system that makes it really simple to add cup holders, paddle clips and easy-to-thread bungee tie-downs, and even has a hole to run a cable lock.

If you're looking for a board can do everything well, so it's great for beginners, first timers, and casual SUPers, then pick up the  Pau Hana Malibu Classic today.

Pros of this Board

  • Center handle insert is molded for comfort and sunken into the board to not interfere while in use, this is a feature we wish all SUPs had
  • Easy to balance which conserves energy
  • Ability to move side to side with performance compared to the competition

Cons of this option

  • Only available in wood color as of this writing
top, bottom, and side views of Isle cruiser soft top rigid sup


  • Beginner friendly
  • Complete package includes: carbon adjustable paddle, center fin, & leash
  • Weight: 24 lbs.
  • Comfort Crock Skin for maximum grip & minimal foot fatigue


The Isle Cruiser is simply the best selling soft top stand up paddle board on the market, and it has been for at least four years now.

We put the Cruiser on the list to give you options for a rigid or hard paddleboard, that was also light weight.  

The Isle Cruiser package is a combination of quality materials, user friendly design, reasonable price, and complete ready-to-go package that is massively popular.

The Cruiser has a width of 32 inches, has Composite Soft Technology with textured padding, and hard foam makes it lighter and easier to handle than a traditional epoxy board.

The soft top construction means it is user friendly, it can take a few bumps, and you can bring along your canine pals as well. The Cruiser is built around an epoxy core, which makes this a rigid paddle board, but it is wrapped soft outer textured croc skin padding, creating versatile, all around performance.

The Cruiser is an easy to carry board due to the well thought out center handle which pops out when needed, and lays flush when not in use.

The 6-point bungee system in the front give you plenty of room to secure a dry bag or other accessories you might need for longer tours.

Everything you need to get on the water is included in the package. More experienced paddlers will also appreciate the carbon adjustable paddle that is included, because on longer rides, the lighter carbon means your arms don't get tired so quickly.

If you're looking for a complete package, especially if you want a board that you can have at a beach or lake house, where lots of different guests, from kids to adults will want to take turns paddling, you'll won't find a better option than the Isle Cruiser Soft Top.

Pros of this Board

  • Elegant, timeless design
  • Rigid but lightweight paddle board that is easily portable
  • Ride it and love it for 60 days or return it! + 1 Year Warranty on Materials

Cons of this option

  • Really can't think of any, we love this SUP.
top, bottom, and side view of the boardworks versa sup


  • Length: 10'6"
  • Width: 32"
  • Wide and stable for smooth water paddling
  • Ideal for an all-around paddle board
  • Max weight capacity: 285 lbs.

The Boardworks Versa is constructed using their patented Bombshell Veneer Technology which is a super hard epoxy. The molded composite construction uses ultra durable Kevlar and PVC materials and finished with a beautiful bamboo veneer.

The Versa is designed to be an all-around paddleboard that any skill level can jump on and start having fun.  But, don't think this SUP is just for beginners, the Honey Fomb heat embossed deck pad and Extra wide nose and tail allow for excellent performance in nearly all waters.

The carry handle is integrated into the board, which is a feature that we love here at Paddleboard Surf.  You bring enough supplies so you can stay out all day on the Versa because of the four D-ring tie downs with bungee cordage for storing water bottles and other gear.

While the Boardworks Versa is a beautiful board, it has a smart SUP design. Its keeled nose cuts smoothly through chop while the flat sections under the tail and standing area helps with a fluid and stable ride.

If you're looking for an epoxy SUP for paddling for the whole family, and you want a beautiful design, then check out the Boardworks Versa.

Pros of this Board

  • High stability
  • Ultra comfortable Honey Fomb Deck Pad
  • Extra volume and speed, without sluggishness

Cons of this option

  • Not many in stock
top, bottom, and side view of the bote flood with paddle


  • Super tough Gatorshell construction technology
  • 2-piece adjustable carbon shaft graphic paddle included
  • Weigh Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Surf style shape
  • Stashpod storage container with an integrated bottle opener

The BOTE Flood is the perfect hard paddleboard for a laid-back beach day. The surfboard style shape hits the sweet spot for riding a wave or a relaxing cruise down the beach.

The Flood floats and glides easily and is super durable due to the Gatorshell construction.  The Gatorshell construction is an innovative material that designed to handle abuse.  BOTE made an excellent video explaining the details of the Gatorshell construction method that you can watch here.

Designed for fun, the Flood is at home surfing small waves or loaded up with a cooler and all the gear you need for a day of flatwater cruising.  There are also plenty of accessories BOTE offers to customize this SUP, like the TravelLink carry system and Wheel Rac, but you have to purchase these separately.

If you're looking for a super stable, easy to carry and even easier platform to paddle, the BOTE Flood is going to be the perfect fit for you.

Pros of this Board

  • A planing hull is flat and wide, for a stable, easy ride
  • We love the beer holder *cough, we mean Stashpod
  • Gatorshell technology for super durability and light weight

Cons of this option

  • Not cheap, this is a premium SUP

Final Thoughts

Lightweight stand up paddleboards can tons of fun, especially if you are using them to hike to a hard to get to area like a mountain lake.  They come in a wider variety of styles from inflatables to rigid SUPs, so you'll need to find what will work best for your needs.

The boards we listed are some of our personal favorites.  We don't always prefer lightweight SUP's, here at Paddleboard Surf we tend to prioritize other performance aspects of the boards than just the weight, but when light weight is the main goal, the boards we listed are our top recommendations.