guy on a stand up sup on stable calm water

Most Stable Stand Up Paddle Boards For Sale

Looking for the Most Stable Stand Up Paddleboards?

What is a stable stand up paddleboard?  An stable SUP is a paddle board constructed with PVC materials similar to what is used to build white water rafts.

As you can imagine, you pump up these boards, and you can deflate them when you're finished using them.

ISUPs have come a long way in recent years, from a novelty, to the industry's best selling product.

The Benefits of the Stable Paddleboards

There are are so many benefits of inflatables.  Inflatable SUPs have dramatically increase the market of people that can paddleboard.  An iSUP takes up very little space, it can fit into a bag the size of a large backpack.

Inflatables are very light, they generally only weigh about 27 to 33 pounds.  They are very forgiving yet also extremely durable.  You can bang an iSUP into a rock, a boat dock, and even another paddleboard and they won't break or even get any damage.

And you can take an inflatable SUP just about anywhere, to the lake, on vacation to the beach.  You can even go hiking with one to a secluded lake or river.

top, bottom, and side view of Bluefin Cruise SUP with kayak seat and accessories


  • Available in lengths: 10'8", 12', 15' 
  • Exclusive kayak conversion kit
  • Travel backpack
  • Fiber-glass adjustable paddle
  • Integrated GoPro mount on board nose

You can actually get the Bluefin Cruise in 3 different sizes: 10’8”, 12’, and the massive 15’. The Cruise is great because it is one of the best values in inflatable paddle boards. It does everything you need it to for a reasonable price.

You name it this board can do it, from converting to a kayak (the seat is included) to white water, to just cruising, the Cruise is great for all SUP activities.

This is more of a no frills paddle board, but nothing is lacking, except a high price. It comes with a removable center fin, a leash, paddle, pump, a kayak seat, and durable backpack for transport. Even though this package is cheaper, it still maintains a high level of quality in materials an build.

If you want a complete package that travels light, with ample stability, and the ability to handle a whole family with different skill levels, the Bluefin Cruise is for you.

Pros of this Board

  • Incredible warranty: 5 year manufacturer warranty to cover any manufacturing faults
  • Double action pump which means it inflates on the up and the down stroke
  • Quality is better than anything else in this price range

Cons of this option

  • Kids and shorter paddlers may find the board more difficult to maneuver 
Atoll inflatable stand up paddleboard complete package in army green


  • Available in 4 different color combinations
  • Discounts available for Military, 1st Responders, and Healthcare Workers
  • Travel backpack
  • 11 feet length, 32 inches wide
  • Ready for lakes, rivers, oceans, fishing, relaxing, and SUP yoga

The Atoll paddleboard company hails from southern California.  The have taken a simple and direct approach to paddleboards.  Atoll focuses on building the strongest and lightest iSUP around, with this board weighing only 21 pounds.

Why is the Atoll Army Green SUP good for beginners?  Because it's an inflatable, and there that means it's forgiving.  If you bump into a dock, a boat, another paddler, or even a swimmer, they will not be hurt.  

It's a reasonably priced complete package - you don't need to spend an arm and a leg on your first paddleboard.

This Atoll SUP can handle a variety of conditions from flat water, to touring, to rivers and small waves.  

And this SUP is tough.  A beginner won't have to worry about damaging it.  You can even drive an SUV over it.

The Atoll iSUP Package comes with everything you need to quickly get on the water.  The pump is a dual-action pump which means it inflates when you pull the handle up, and when you push down, cutting your inflating time in half.

A coil leash, removable center fin, and carrying and storage backpack are included.  The backpack is built with heavy duty nylon and big enough to hold everything your need, including the pump.  

So if you are an adventurous paddler, that like to hike to hard-to-get-to lakes and have a SUP to explore on, then this package is for you.

This iSUP package comes with fiberglass paddle, but if you want to reduce weight even more you can opt for the 100% carbon fiber paddle for an additional cost.

Here at PaddleboardSurf we really like it when we see a strong warranty.  That means the manufacturer is confident in their product.  Atoll stands behind their iSUP with a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

 And it's not surprising.  Atoll boards are built so tough that they can drive an SUV over their fully inflated board, with no damage!  Check out the video below.

Pros of this Board

  • Quality construction
  • Lightweight and strong board 
  • Travel backpack with padded waist and shoulder straps

Cons of this option

  • Only one size available
Thurso Surf Waterwalker with leash, fins, pump, backpack, and paddle


  • 3 different size options
  • 3 piece carbon fiber adjustable paddle
  • Travel backpack equipped with rollers
  • Front and rear bungee storage system
  • 2 +1 detachable Quick Lock fins

The Thurso Waterwalker is designed in the classic touring shape which makes it good for all around paddling activities and most water conditions, while also allowing the comfort for longer paddle tours.

The Waterwalker breaks the iSUP mold and actually looks cool. It look more like a rigid paddle board or even a surfboard with it faux wood print. And added benefit to this package is that it comes with a repair kit, should you need it.

It comes with a great EVA foam padding making for solid comfort and traction. This pad is also great for yoga sessions. And if yoga is your thing, you’ll really like this board because Thurso thought of all the details down to creating Velcro straps on the side rails of the paddle board to hold your paddle, so it doesn’t float away.

The Waterwalker is fully optioned with 3 grab handles, front, center, and rear. A 6 point bungee front and 4 point bungee in the rear for carrying all manner of equipment. As well as 4 D-rings which would allow you to securely attach a cooler if you wanted.

Pros of this Board

  • Great stability and tracking
  • 3 removable fins
  • The backpack has wheels so you can pull it instead of carrying it

Cons of this option

  • The one we tried didn't come with an instruction manual, but it wasn't too hard to figure out
Blackfin iSUP package with paddle and accessories


  • Large deck pad and rear storage area
  • Easy installation Flip Lock Center Fin
  • Carry backpack has rollers also
  • Fishing rack compatible
  • 2 year factory warranty & 60 day return period

The Blackfin Model X Inflatable SUP is simply one of the best, most versatile paddle boards on the market.

Its durable construction using both the strongest and lightest materials around and consists of a 3 layer composite PVC with a carbon fiber rail system which is almost unheard of on an iSUP.

Due to this rock solid construction the Blackfin Model X can hold up to 450 lbs, which is more than any reasonable person will need.

The EVO deck pad is comfortable while providing good traction. It can even be used as a yoga mat, if you want to take a SUP yoga class.

The Blackfin Model X comes fully loaded with an ankle leash and key pocket, carbon blended adjustable paddle, carrying backpack (with wheels!), an ultra fast twin chamber hand pump, and 3 fins for super stability on the rough water.

This iSUP performs well in most water conditions, can handle 2 people (and a dog), and is a good fit for all skill levels.

Pros of this Board

  • Good for all skill levels
  • Only weighs 27 lbs.
  • Width of 35 inches

Cons of this option

  • Friends and family will constantly ask to use your SUP
tower isup and all included accessories


  • Non-slip deck pad
  • Single bottom fin for better maneuverability
  • 6” thick military-grade PVC
  • 2 year factory warranty
  • 3 piece fiberglass paddle

Tower Paddle Boards were one of the first to start creating thicker boards for better stability. The standard was 4 inch thick boards, but Tower found that their 6 inch thick boards didn’t sag as much as the competition, making their inflatables act more like a rigid board.

This is why the board is as rigid as a piece of plywood, when fully inflated.

The Adventurer 2 is built from the same tough materials that Zodiac boats are made out of, so this board can take a beating. This extra thickness and rigidity makes this paddle board ideal for tandem paddling or even taking on light white water on rivers.

With a width of 33 inches the Adventurer 2 can comfortably hold up to 350 lbs.

This board comes with a simple 4 point bungee system up front, high pressure hand pump, and a removable center fin.

The only gripe with this board is that it doesn’t come with a good carrying case or backpack. You have to buy the backpack separately.

Pros of this Board

  • Almost as firm as a rigid paddle board
  • Beefy construction materials. Definitely feels like military grade PVC
  • Fin attaches easily and is sturdy

Cons of this option

  • The paddle is ok.  It could be better, kind of heavy

Are foam paddle boards good?

Yes.  And well, it depends.  There are some foam SUPs, like the ones lister here, that are very good.  A few of the best are the South Bay Board Co. Premium Beginner SUP and the ISLE Cruiser.  These are excellent boards.  

But, you need to be careful.  A lot of foam SUPs are priced cheap, and are manufactured using super cheap materials and techniques.  You get what you pay for, and that's ok as long as you are aware of this going into your purchase.

Some foam SUPs are really cheap which is for a specific buyer.  There are a lot of families that go on vacation to the beach or the lake, and they'll pick up a cheap foam SUP and use it on vacation and basically throw it away when vacation is over.  

Can you use a foam surfboard as a paddleboard?

Sure, you can, but do you really want to?  If all you have is a foam surfboard and you have a paddle, you can certainly try to paddle standing up on your surfboard, but it's not ideal.

Surfboards are designed for surfing, not SUP.  A surfboard is going to be smaller and more narrow and a lot less stable than a paddleboard.  Surfboards are also best used... in the surf.  One of the cool things about SUP is that you don't need waves, you can SUP on flat water, like lakes or rivers, and a surfboard just won't perform well on flat water conditions.

What is the best SUP board for beginners?

It depends on the person.  In general foam paddle boards can be a great option for beginners and people new to the sport.  Foam boards are lighter and because of this they are easier to maneuver.  

Another nice aspect of foam SUPs for beginners is that the foam is a forgiving and softer surface for the falls that are basically guaranteed to happen when you are just learning how to stand up paddleboard.

Foam SUPs are also a lower price point paddleboard.  It makes sense when you are new to the sport, not to spend an arm and a leg on your first board, and so getting a foam SUP makes a lot of sense.

Are cheap paddle boards any good?

Some are and some are not.  It's like anything.  If you spend too little, then you'll get a board that will break down on you quickly.  But you can still find good values, SUPs that are not too expensive, but that still have a decent quality so the board will last, and you'll have fun.

The best price to quality board on this list is probably the California Board Company's Hydra.  After that we'd pick the South Bay Board Co.'s Beginner SUP, and then our favorite is the ISLE Cruiser, but while the Cruiser is not expensive, it is certainly not cheap either.

Final Thoughts

Foam stand up boards are fun to ride. They are ideal for beginners and not worrying about letting friends, family, and guests use your expensive SUP.

The highlighted boards are some of the best you can get, and it will enable you to get to a new level in stand up paddleboard fun.