heavy old guy paddling on a SUP

Best Paddle Boards For Big Guys

Looking for the Best Paddleboards for a Heavy Rider?

As you probably know, stand-up paddleboarding is not just for those who are physically fit.

People from all different backgrounds regardless of their weight can take advantage of the SUP on any surface of the water.

For the best experience, especially if you want to do this regularly, people who are heavier than average should look for a SUP that is designed for people that are their size.

The Benefits of SUPs for Bigger Guys

Many great boards can accommodate people that are, on average, heavier than most. You will probably need to consider purchasing a longer board. However, some short ones can accommodate heavier individuals.

When buying a board, there are many things to consider. These include the manufacturer and materials used. Also, how well it is reviewed by other users. A board's size is another important aspect that buyers need to consider.

We've selected the best paddle boards for big men that are the perfect size.

bluefin cruise carbon tandem and accessories


  • Available in 10'8", 12', and 15'
  • Width: 32 inches
  • The 12' version holds a max weight of 350 lbs.
  • The most rigid & stable inflatable stand up paddle board you can buy
  • Utilizing Korean Drop Stitch technology for improved durability

The Bluefin Carbon Cruise 12' is an excellent choice for larger paddlers because it can hold a maximum weight of 350 lbs.  

All three of the Bluefin Carbon Cruise sizes can hold a more weight than the average paddleboard, we just choose the 12' because it's the most popular choice for this segment.

The 15' will also do the job, but you don't need it just for weight carrying ability, but if you ever want to go tandem (2 paddlers on the board), then the 15' is the way to go.

The Bluefin Carbon Cruise series is the most popular boards we recommend here at PaddleboardSurf.com.  They are over built and tough, but still maneuverable, easy to use and fun.

This SUP has Air Duo Inflation which means it has a stand alone central inflation loop inside the huge main air compartment.

This feature makes this SUP indestructible, rigid and even has the ability to float on the inflation loop alone making it a stand out safety feature as well as stiffness enhancer.

The Bluefin Carbon Cruise SUPs are a great choice for most paddlers, and the 12' is especially ideal for bigger riders.

Pros of this Board

  • All-inclusive Package
  • FRS: Flex Reduction System
  • Probably the most stable inflatable SUP on the market

Cons of this option

  • It can take some serious elbow grease to inflate, you might want an electric pump
thurso surf max multi purpose sup


  • Inflatable
  • Triple Action Pump with an INF/DEF Dual Chamber
  • Complete inflatable SUP package
  • Stability and bombproof construction
  • All-around versatile shape that can be used for lakes, rivers, and ocean bays

The Thurso Surf MAX is designed to be very stable even if you are a heavier person. This business is known for making high-quality inflatable sup boards. The prices are very reasonable. All of their boards are strong and will last a very long time due to their exceptional construction.

Their strength is obvious with the 20psi pressure ratio. This is how you know that it is well-designed. Inflatables can not usually get up to that level, maxing out at around 15psi.

Its stability is due to its nearly 3-foot width and large shape. Gliding is enhanced by the extra length of nearly 12 feet and a pointed nose.

This board is unusually stable for its size. Even with additional weight is going to be very stable. Even in the choppy waters, it will perform. This paddleboard isn't fast, but it doesn't cause the user to slow down or lose control.

This also houses what is called a dual system, a bungee system, and a large area of the front. This also has a full deck pad. Comfortable traction pads cover the entirety of the deck.

The Thurso Surf accessory pack is the next thing to look at, primarily because it is designed with high-quality materials. This is made with wheels and a backpack configuration. It has a paddle, which weighs right around 32oz.

People that are heavy paddlers will appreciate all of this. It is great for yoga and fishing. You can also take the family with you to the lake can have fun.

Pros of this Board

  • Balanced performance
  • Deck pad covers entire deck
  • Beautiful rolling backpack/carry bag

Cons of this option

  • Similar to other All-rounders in that it is not a speed demon
blackfin xl complete isup package


  • Inflatable
  • Carbon rails for extra rigidity
  • Two storage areas for bungees
  • Three color options are available: teal, blue and white
  • Large deck pad

The Blackfin XL paddleboard originates from the business by the name of iRocker is perfect for taller and larger paddlers. This is a great iSUP that will give you an exciting experience regardless of the condition of the water.

Triple-layer composite PVC is used to construct the Model XL. It is the lightest and most robust. The paddleboard is extremely rigid due to the three layers of military-grade PVC material. Fully inflated, it can support 485 pounds.

Heavier paddlers can bring their entire gear, as well as friends that you may have come along with you. It doesn't flex at all.

The inflatable paddle board measures nearly 3 feet in width and 11 feet 6 inches long. It is larger than many single-rider boards. This board offers extra stability thanks to its large platform.

Even if your toddler or dog isn't able to sit still, the Blackfin Model XL won't wobble regardless of how hard you try.

It is made of solid material so it won't bend when you are using it, especially in the center of this contraption. This is a common problem with larger men on the most affordable models.

The Blackfin XL was designed to be stable, but it still works well. It is extremely easy to use and tracks well. You can surf smaller waves with ease thanks to the three-fin system. 

Pros of this Board

  • Stable and super rigid
  • Accessories of high quality
  • Ample attachment points

Cons of this option

  • Not the fastest for SUP on the water
tower isup and all included accessories


  • Inflatable
  • Military-grade material
  • Outstanding rigidity
  • Large central fin
  • Available in 3 colors

Tower paddleboards are built to last. The Adventurer is no exception. This is just a small part of what it offers.

Drop stitch technology is used to make the Adventurer 2. The multitude of fibers that connect the top and bottom of the Adventurer 2 are thousands in number making this very sturdy. Those that make these boards have no problem running over their boards trying to damage them to see if they can.

Tower Adventurer boards are as rigid as a paddleboard. You can expect no flex. It is easy to balance on the 32-inch platform. The buoyancy of iSUPs six inches thick is also well-known. If you are heavier than recommended, you need to inflate this paddleboard to the appropriate PSI levels.

The paddleboard is easy to move around due to the large center area. Its overall speed is also enhanced by the pointed nose equipped on every one of these units.

The Adventurer can be used for all types of SUP activities, regardless of the conditions that you will be using it in which also contributes to its maneuverability. 

Pros of this Board

  • Three handles for carrying
  • High quality
  • Maneuverable
  • Stability is great

Cons of this option

  • Bag not included
pau hana calypso isup package


  • inflatable SUP
  • Large deck window allows you to see below the surface of the water
  • complete package that includes everything you need to start using on the water
  • Ideal for Fishing
  • Includes the SUP/kayak paddle for the Pau Hana

This Pau Hana Calypso SUP is a great option if you aren't sure which one you prefer. It's a SUP that has a removable seat and can be used as a kayak or a SUP.

The seat attachment option is highly favored by those that decide to get one of these units. It is a part kayak and part stand-up paddleboard. This one allows you to explore the water in many different ways and has a window that lets people on the paddleboard see what is below them.

This board is ideal for fishing enthusiasts who enjoy sitting the entire time, or even if you prefer standing so you will have a better view.

A large deck window allows you to see below the surface of the water. This is a great feature for curious children or anglers that want to get a better view of what is below in the water.

The EVA deck pads provide a secure and soft grip that will provide all sorts of comfort and traction.

Pros of this Board

  • Excellent quality that lasts for many seasons
  • A good compromise if you also desire a kayak
  • Stability is great

Cons of this option

  • Some riders are not a fan of the deck window
south bay board co cruiser soft top sup with leash and fins


  • Rigid soft top SUP
  • Foam core with a stringer system and layers of resin that can help with buoyancy
  • Complete package that includes a kayak seat
  • Great customer service
  • Great choice for flat water cruising

The South Bay Board Co. Big Cruiser Paddle Board can hold people that are well over 300 pounds in weight. This board is soft top which falls into the rigid category and has a great shape.

Although it can carry a beginner paddler as much as 300 lbs, this is the maximum capacity for this board.  It will not cause problems for an experienced rider.

The board is made of foam core 6 oz fiberglass weave. The deck pad is made of IXPE foam. You can attach a kayak seat to the board using pre-installed D rings. There are also removable fins on the board. The board has a screw that can be attached if you have the proper tools.

This board comes from an American-based South California company. When they had problems, owners have received excellent assistance.

A paddleboard company with a strong reputation makes this exceptional board. This is the best rigid stand-up paddleboard for big men.

It is very easy to set up. To attach the center fin, you will need a tool. The center fin won't connect without the proper tools.

This paddleboard is very stable once you get on the water. It is very stable due to its width. It has good tracking for a board this long thanks to the multiple fins. Flatwater boards are best for flat water, but they can also handle surfing is generally most areas.

Pros of this Board

  • Construction of high-quality foam and fiberglass cores
  • Attach accessories to D-Rings or bungees with installed D-Rings or bungees
  • Ideal for beginners thanks to its squared-off rails that provide extra stability

Cons of this option

  • Can be more difficult to transport because it doesn't compact down like an inflatable
blue atoll isup package


  • Inflatable
  • Width: 32 inches
  • Darn near indestructible construction
  • Lightweight at only 21 lbs
  • Utilizing Korean Drop Stitch technology for improved durability

Why is Atoll our top pick for big guys?  Well, you can drive a truck over it while fully inflated and it's just fine, so it will be able to handle a bigger guy with no problem.

Paddlers who want a stylish paddleboard look will enjoy the very popular Atoll 11'. It is outstanding and performs in the water just as well as it looks.

The Atoll 11' is notable for many reasons, including its overall size, appearance, and construction. Like many other iSUPs, it is made from military-grade PVC. It is 40% lighter than standard inflatable boards. It is durable and light.

Once you have it in your possession, the Atoll 11' can inflate to a maximum of 15 PSI. Because of its rigidity, some refer to it as what you would call a hard or harder board. The iSUP can hold individuals of up to 400 lbs, but this can only occur if it is fully inflated.

Multiple riders weighing over 700 lbs have been water tested on the Atoll.

It measures 32 inches in width, so you have a solid platform to test any ideas you might have.

The tri-fin system on this paddleboard allows for efficiency and quicker, making tracking a breeze. The paddleboard's size and shape are perfect for optimal maneuverability. Even better, you can let your child paddle, knowing that they are fully safe, while you teach them how to use their very first paddleboard.

iSUPs can be slow. The Atoll is very responsive and will impress you despite the slower movement capabilities. Although it may not be as strong as a solid board in speed, it is the perfect paddleboard for those that are just starting.

And we must also mention, since this inflatable SUP can handle a full size SUV driving over it, it will have no problem supporting a larger paddler.  See the video below for the SUV demonstration:

Pros of this Board

  • All-inclusive Package
  • The paddle floats if you drop it
  • Stability is great

Cons of this option

  • It can take some serious elbow grease to inflate, you might want an electric pump

What is the best paddleboard for a larger guy?

Well, it depends.  There are some foam SUPs, like the ones listed here, that are very good.  A few of the best are the South Bay Board Co. Premium Beginner SUP and the ISLE Cruiser.  These are excellent boards.  

But, you need to be careful.  A lot of foam SUPs are priced cheap, and are manufactured using super cheap materials and techniques.  You get what you pay for, and that's ok as long as you are aware of this going into your purchase.

Some foam SUPs are really cheap which is for a specific buyer.  There are a lot of families that go on vacation to the beach or the lake, and they'll pick up a cheap foam SUP and use it on vacation and basically throw it away when vacation is over.  

Final Thoughts

There are many options for any person that ways more than 200 pounds when it comes to getting SUPs. These inflatable SUPs can support more weight than they are typically designed to do because of how they are built.

When shopping for a stand-up paddleboard, remember that thicker boards offer better stability on the water. People find that the longer the boards are made, the easier they are to stand on. The longer boards can also be used in the ocean to surf small waves which are where many people like to use them.

The majority of the SUPs on this list are regarded as all-rounders, meaning they can be used in any water condition, especially if you are a heavier person that would like to enjoy some time out on the open water.