Best Racing Stand UP Paddle Boards

Looking for the Best Paddleboards for Racing?

Have you taken your love of paddling to the competitive level? 

Do you need something better than just a general pupose iSUP for a race this weekend?

Well, we compiled this list of our favorite racing SUPs that will give you the best chance of beating your competition.

The Benefits of the Fastest Paddleboards

Quality and durability are among the basic things to consider, but since you are also opting for racing paddleboards, other essential features must be considered.

Here are some of the quality stand up paddle boards you should check out.

starboard racing sup


  • Improved nose volume
  • Narrower tail outline for improved glide
  • Extended and lowered standing surface
  • Rounded vee hull with double concave bottom
  • New and improved drainage system

This is the board that perfectly fits the beginners and the elite racers. If you want to improve your racing skills, then this can be your best chance. It is a board that has been well designed and very versatile and also a user-friendly paddleboard.

This board's stability is beyond expectations, and its power output is also excellent in every stroke that is made. It has a narrow tail hence gives the rider the maximum speed, and again, the gliding of the paddleboard is excellent.

Its tail also has an upwind, thus helps the board to flow naturally. The downwind makes the board reactive, and it makes it easier when maneuvering over bumps.

The standing area has been designed in a way that lowers the rider's center of gravity and offers maximum stability hence improving the control. This design gives the rider a chance to reach faster speed and maintain that speed over a long distance.

The rounded VEE and the concave bottom enable the board to sit higher, making it easy and lighter to paddle, allowing the rider to conserve energy. Downwind is very responsive and also fast in maneuvering. The concave bottom enables the board to glide at a higher speed with less energy.

The nose volume is optimized to provide a lift and a more outstanding float in flat water. This gives the rider a good opportunity for faster acceleration during the race. It's excellent buoyancy, and the lift upwind makes the nose not to dive, especially when paddling downwind.

Its pop and release give the rider a great chance to maintain the glide with a steady cadence. It also enables the board to glide at a higher speed hence fit for racing. This is a stand-up paddleboard that offers excellent results and it will improve your racing ability.

Pros of this Board

  • Designed to maximize energy conservation for the paddler
  • Easy to balance which conserves energy
  • It is user-friendly board for a racing board

Cons of this option

  • Expensive
Focus SUP Cali VST 12'6" Paddle Board


  • The Ultimate SUP for flat water racing
  • Fiberglass and bamboo sandwich construction
  • Ding resistant paint
  • Weight: 26 lbs.
  • 90 day limited manufacturer warranty

The Focus Cali VST board offers ultimate experience when it comes to flat water racing. Racing requires a quality board and this can be all you need to excel in this field. The focus has a higher volume and allowing the board to reach high sprints after a pop-up. 

The concave shape at the bottom improves the speed. The concave shape improves on the Pop-Up of the board hence enable the keyboard to attain high speeds. The concave shape also ensures that the board moves easily and quickly.

The standing spot gives the races perfect stability, so the rider will have no trouble in balancing. The body's ability to offer great stability with minimal energy makes it very useful for the racer when it comes to energy conservation.

The Hull has been designed to share water easily. Its head has been made narrowly hence giving the board the ability to pierce through the water, making it easy to glide. This narrow head plays a crucial role in attaining the maximum speed.

Cali has been made using durable materials but also lightweight hence very good for racing. The lightweight enables the racer to last for very many hours on the water. The bamboo and fiberglass sandwich, which are the board's main building materials, has been topped using a finish coat and a PU ding paint resistant.

The grip handle is also designed in a manner that will offer a perfect condition for the rider to race and attain high speeds. It is a board that has been made using advances carbon tech construction, and it is fit for racing.

Pros of this Board

  • Lightweight 
  • Built for speed
  • Stable and easy to control

Cons of this option

  • A bit smaller than competing boards


  • Stiffest Inflatable Race Board Available
  • High Pressure Rated
  • Added Deck Handles
  • For paddlers up to 220 lbs.
  • 25 inches wide

The Maliko Inflatable has been designed to deliver excellent results when it comes to standing up paddleboard racing. Maliko is considered one of the best worldwide.

The board has been made with a carbon stringer key to the board's length on the top and bottom parts. The stringers have been paired with 21 PSI, making it one of the market's stiffest boards. It also minimizes unnecessary bending caused by the rider's weight.

Hydro slick edges complement the overall speed and also the efficiency of Maliko.

The stiffness of this bot cannot be compared with other ordinary stand up racing boards. This makes it great and enables the racer to win races.

Maliko has been fitted with grab handles for comfortable grab-and-go racing. Its lightweight is also essential in attaining maximum speed. It is also a friendly board that will offer no challenges when it comes to balancing the board.

To achieve the best performance in stand up paddleboard racing, then Maliko can give you the excellence you need.

Pros of this Board

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High-quality board for racing

Cons of this option

hala carbon nass t race sup


  • Elite race inflatable
  • integrated pressure gauge
  • Low monthly payments available
  • Patented Carbon Construction™

If you want to compete and be in a better position of winning, then this is the right board for you. Nass-T is one of the fast boards you can get.

The board has been reinforced using patented carbon. This makes it rigid and also improves its acceleration hence gives the rider an upper hand. It is a lightweight board, thus enables the rider to cover a long distance at high speed.

Its 1.5 stamp pad makes it easy to control the board and also maneuver easily. The removable neoprene handle makes it very easy and too comfortable to carry it around. Their deck pad gives maximum traction, and it is also gentle for bare hands and even the feet.

It has an erased foot index, which is located near the stomp pad on the deck. This enables the racer to easily step the foot to the center part of the board without losing concentration, giving the rider a perfect competition condition.

It has a square tail, which plays a crucial role when it comes to the stability of the board and the maneuvering of the board.

If you want a board that can enable you to race and enjoys, this is the best board you can get.

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Pros of this Board

  • This board is also excellent downwinding
  • Industry leading 3 Year Warranty

Cons of this option

  • 26" wide on an inflatable makes it a little tippy
Naish 2020 Javelin 14'0" Carbon Sandwich Elite Paddle Board


  • Easy to read pressure gauge
  • A solid pump to pack on multi-day trips
  • Low-volume, two-hand pump
  • Also works to deflate boards and boats
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty against defects

The team that took part in designing this board must be credited for the excellent work they did.

Most boards are designed to be used during calm conditions, but this one is suitable for calm and choppy conditions.

It has been made in a manner that makes it very easy to maneuver hence making it very effective in overtaking your opponent. The straight and narrow front allows you to move at the top speed because it reduces friction between the board and the water.

The scupper holes are strategically fitted to drain the water during the race. Javelin's tail is also designed with a professional touch. Therefore, it gives the rider a perfect condition for aggressive turns.

The board also ensures maximum power output in every stroke made hence one of the best boards for stand up paddleboard racing. If you want a board you can use at the highest levels, then this is the best.

Pros of this Board

  • Very fast for racing
  • Optimized shaped tail for easy gliding
  • The very highest quality construction

Cons of this option

  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

Stand up racing boards are fun to ride. It is even more exciting when you select the best boards to work with.

The highlighted boards are some of the best you can get, and it will enable you to get to a new level in stand up paddleboard racing.