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4 Best Stand Up Paddle Board Travel Bags 2020

Let’s face it, paddle boards are expensive. A good paddle board can cost $1,000 and they easily get more expensive from there.

It makes sense to protect your investment with a purpose built bag.

And if you are traveling with your board, you have to get a bag that will protect it.

Your board can get damaged with traveling. To protect your board you’ll want a bag that has able cushioning and that will block your board from damaging UV rays.

1. SurfStow SUP Travel Board Bag

What Makes This Board Bag Stand Out

  • non-corrosive zipper
  • lightweight & heavily padded
  • exterior pocket for paddle
  • interior pockets that drain water

This bag can handle boards up to 14” long and 34” wide. The SurfStow Board Bag is easy to use with the zipper going around 70 percent of the bag so it opens wide and you can easily slide your board in.

The SurfStow Board Bag is built for abuse with study zippers, heavy materials, and a thick padding layer. If you’re traveling with your bag, this is the ultimate in protection against the abuses of airports.

There are multiple straps and handles that make strapping this bag to your car or traveling through airport terminals with the padded shoulder strap, easy.

The quality of the materials and the build toughness you get with the SurfStow Board Bag is comparable to that of similar bag that cost twice as much. This is probably the best value around.

2. Abahub Premium Padded SUP Travel Bag

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • 8mm Foam Padded Core
  • available in many different sizes and widths
  • 4 x 4″ air vents for heat protection
  • inside pocket for fin storage
  • 1.5″ wide neoprene padded adjustable shoulder strap

The Abahub has a thoughtful design with a water resistant PE shell and extra reinforced fabric at the tip and tail making this stout board bag. There are 8 different tie down straps for making adjustments and for ease with strapping to a car’s roof rack.

The 2 foot wide neoprene shoulder strap makes comfortable to carry your board through the airport.

There is an exterior pocket for the paddle and Velcro straps to secure it in place. That’s my only gripe with this bag. I’d like for the paddle storage to be internal, so it can be protected with the rest of the board by the beefy layer of 8mm foam padding.

This is a good bag and a solid value. It can hold paddleboard but it’s not limited to that as you can also use this for surfboards as well.

This bag comes in a ton of different sizes, so make sure that you pick the size that works best for you board.

3. Pro-Lite SUP Session Day Bag

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • designed as a day travel bag
  • 5mm foam padding
  • external paddle pocket
  • reinforced fabric on the nose
  • vents for heat dissipation

If you’re not going to fly with your paddleboard you should consider this Pro Lite SUP Session Day Bag.

This bag features corrosion resistance zippers that completely unzip around the front of the bag, allowing your able room to slide your board in place.

This also has one of the best paddle holders I’ve seen. Instead of a small external pocket and straps, the Pro Lite SUP Session has an external sleeve that covers almost the entire length of the paddle, allowing the end of the paddle to be exposed.

This is one of the best, most secure designs I’ve seen for carrying the paddle and I don’t know my more bags don’t copy this design. Anyway, it is well done on this Pro Lite Session.

This day bag also has padded shoulder strap and several handles for easy of carrying. And there are plenty of pockets to store our paddling accessories like leashes, and sunscreen, etc.

4. Curve SUP Stand Up Paddleboard Travel Bag

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • 10mm foam padding
  • water-resistant polycanvas base
  • comes in many different sizes
  • integrated paddle holder and blade cover

The Curve SUP bag is a specialty travel bag that earns its reputation as a heavy weight. With 10mm of foam padding it has some of the thickest padding on the market. This is the ideal bag for travel with it’s a road trip to the beach or an airplane flight to the Keys.

There are a lot of different sizes to choose from with this bag having you covered from 9’ up 14’ SUP board bags.

This has probably the best paddle holder of any travel bag because the paddle is built into the bag and has added padding protection for the blade. Simply the best paddle holder out there.

There is a non slip adjustable and shoulder strap and extra handles all over the bag for ease of carrying.

The attention to detail, from the vent air vents for cooling your board, to premium buckles and zippers, make this one of the best travel bags on the market.