woman doing sup yoga on a lake

Best Yoga Stand Up Paddle Boards Compared

Looking for the Best Paddleboards for Yoga?

Yoga is the practice of building strength and mobility through stretching. By working out physically with yoga it allows your mind to relax.

Taking the practice of yoga to the water is a unique challenge and these paddle boards are a great fit for your yoga on the water.

The Benefits of the Yoga Stand Up Paddleboards

Performing yoga on a stand up paddle board first started as a fluke, but then people realized how relaxing and fun it was, and to sport really took off.  Now there are even classes that teach yoga on a SUP.  

Think about it, you're outside in the sun and fresh air, and your are stretching and strengthening your muscles, and making your abdominals stronger. It's easy to see why SUP yoga became took off so quickly.

Performing yoga on paddle boards has become so popular that now there are boards specifically designed for yoga. They tend to be wider thicker and more stable than the average paddle board.

While these boards are great for yoga, they are still paddleboards and for riders that like the stability that comes from a wider platform and like to cruise around, yoga SUPs choice for an all around paddleboard.

Bluefin Aura womens yoga sup with accessories
Bluefin Aura Fit pic of woman paddling on the water and doing yoga


  • Inflatable
  • Width: 36"
  • Ergonomic fiberglass paddle weighing almost 45% less than standard SUP paddles, and it floats!
  • Easy to install, no tools needed, Smart-Lock fins
  • Double action pump

The Bluefin Aura Fit - fitness and yoga stand up paddleboard kit is a compelling package for a women's paddleboard

The length of the board is at a sweet spot of 10'8" long. This makes it short enough to easily maneuver, and long enough that there is decent volume for stability.

The Bluefin Aura Fit has a 36 inch wide deck that is performs great as a fitness and yoga platform.  The non-slip croco-diamond deck pad makes it super comfy underfoot while giving ample grip for water based fitness.

But the Aura Fit isn't just a yoga and fitness platform on the water.  First and foremost it's a durable all around paddleboard.

The Bluefin Aura FIT is built with a super reinforced composite dropstitch.  Now you may be wondering, what does that mean in English?  

It means that the Aura FIT is densest stitch pattern on the market.  They use more stitches per legnth of board to make it super durable and unusual rigid for an inflatable paddleboard.

The Aura FIT also has a kickpad built into the deck on the back of board that give you extra leverage to make sharp and carving turns quickly. 

The Kit is a complete ready-to-go iSUP package that consists of a light weight adjustable paddle, leash, pump, and backpack to easily carry your paddleboard in.  Bluefin even thought to include a water proof phone case and a SUP repair kit.

You can even travel with this backpack on a plane for vacation.  How great would it be to have your own high quality board on your beach vacation, than renting some beat up from a rental shop?

Something that is often overlooked when comparing stand up paddleboard is the warranty. Bluefin SUP has one of the absolute best in the business.  Bluefin stands behind their quality products with a 5 year manufacturer warranty to cover any manufacturing faults.  

They also stand behind the quality of their products with great customer service (at least, that has been our experience with Bluefin).

If you're looking for a fun paddleboard that is designed for a woman, that is also a quality product backed by a strong warranty, then you should consider purchasing the Bluefin Aura FIT.

Pros of this Board

  • Action camera (GoPro) mount built into front of the board
  • Possibly the best, most comfortable deck pad on the market
  • 3-Fin setup + removable smart lock system that's quick and easy to use

Cons of this option

  • Sometimes this product is unavailable for purchase depending on the season
thurso surf yoga board package


  • Inflatable
  • Shaft of paddle crafted out of carbon
  • Travel backpack
  • Large EVA deck pad
  • Everything you need to quickly get on the water

The Tranquility by Thurso Surf is designed specifically for paddlers that like to practice Yoga and Pilates.  That is why this board was created with stability in mind with a wide 30" body and a soft grippy EVA deck pad to improve traction while stretching.

This wide surf is even more useful due to the side Velco closures that will keep your paddle from floating away while you're holding your Down Dog position!  The sturdy solid built ensures that you'll stay dry all through your yoga practice even with waves from passing boats.

While Tranquility is purpose built for Yoga, it's not limited that.  The contoured shape of the nose and the wide flat tail make this an ideal SUP for cruising and flat water tours.

This is a great choice on the lake even when water starts to get choppy.

Pros of this Board

  • Carbon paddle only weighs 33 oz. 
  • Carry backpack comes with roller wheels so you can pull it behind you
  • The soft deck is made from the same comfortable yet grippy material found in yoga mats

Cons of this option

  • The light color of the board gets dirty easily
front, bottom, and side view of Isle Scout Coral color


  • Inflatable
  • Full length groove traction pad
  • Length: 11’
  • Ride it and love it for 60 days or return it!
  • Complete package

The ISLE paddle board company has been making paddle boards for years. They have designed the Scout inflatable to be specifically for yoga.

The Scout has a depth of 6 inches which allows a paddler to perform yoga maneuvers without getting wet. The EVA traction pad on the ISLE Scout inflatable is one of the softest in the industry and covers the entire deck.

And at 32 in wide you will have plenty of room for your yoga poses.
The Scout has everything you need to get on the water including an adjustable carbon shaft, paddle, leash, carry backpack, high pressure pump, and Center Fin.

Not only is the ISLE Scout extremely popular as an all around paddle board, it comes with ISLE’s 60 DAY RIDE AND LOVE IT GUARANTEE.

Pros of this Board

  • Traction pad is non-abrasive when knee paddling or practicing yoga
  • Military-Grade PVC that is 6" thick when fully inflated
  • Based in San Diego, California, ISLE has been making quality SUPs since 2004

Cons of this option

  • The pump hose is delicate
front, back, and side views of Boardworks Flow


  • Rigid SUP
  • EPS core laminated with layers of Fiberglass and Bamboo veneers
  • Extra wide nose and tail for yoga stability
  • Integrated handle lifts up for easy carrying
  • Great for yoga, wide and stable for flatwater paddling conditions

The first thing you notice about the Boardworks Flow is the elegant design.  From the smooth, wide nose and tail, to the bamboo veneer and the extended honey embossed deck pad, the Flow is simply a beautiful looking SUP.

The Flow is 33 inches wide and designed for yoga, fitness exercises, and all around paddling.  Because the Flow is designed for yoga, the croc pattern deck pad is soft and easy on the skin, where as less well-thought-out board pads can be abrasive. 

The Flow is a length of 9"11", weighs only 27 lbs., and has single 8 inch fin that is removable for storage.

At the front of the board there are 3 bungee tie downs where you can store any accessories you need while out on the water. 

The Flow is a beautiful, and functional SUP for yoga and general paddling excursions.  Because of the Flow's unique design it is sought-after by aspiring SUP yoga enthusiasts.

One of the only disadvantages of this SUP is that it does not come with a paddle, you will need to purchase a paddle separately. 

Pros of this Board

  • All purpose SUP built for yoga
  • Extra wide and extended deck pad 
  • Comfy, stable, and attractive yoga SUP

Cons of this option

  • Paddle not included
top, side, and bottom of isle versa sup in green with paddle


  • Rigid
  • Full length groove traction pad
  • Lengths 10’5”, 11’2”
  • Ride it and love it for 60 days or return it!
  • Carbon hybrid adjustable paddle, leash, and touring fin included

The ISLE Versa is a great all-around paddle board that will do well for yoga. It is constructed of a durable epoxy that is also lightweight.

With a width of 32 inches and 175 liters of volume, this board is plenty stable for your on the water yoga positions.

The brushed EVA traction pad composes the center of the board and is a great pad for yoga poses. The rear consists of a tail pad for extra traction and maximum grip while turning or surfing.

And easy-to-navigate board for beginners, the ISLE Versa will give you confidence and help you truly enjoy cruising on the water.

Pros of this Board

  • Classic all around SUP design
  • Includes full accessory bundle
  • Great board to learn and skill up on

Cons of this option

  • Can get scuffed easily
peak fitness sup with paddle, bag, and pump


  • Inflatable
  • Full length groove traction pad
  • Lighter, stiffer inflatable paddle board
  • 60 Day ride it and love it guarantee
  • Adjustable aluminum paddle, leash, and touring fin included

The PEAK Yoga Fitness is one of the lightest boards around, when fully inflated it only weighs 18 lb. Yet it is strong enough and stable enough to support up to 275 lb.

The board has a huge soft non slip Eva deck pad that is the perfect platform for your yoga routine.

This board is perfect for people who want a paddle board that can be used for yoga but also function as a recreational board as well.

The peak fitness is a complete setup with a backpack a high pressure dual action pump an adjustable aluminum paddle a leash and even a waterproof phone case.

Whether you want to do Pilates, yoga, or just tool around on the water. This is the board for you.

Pros of this Board

  • Has the features needed for SUP yoga, but it can also function as a recreational paddle board
  • Only weighs 18.5 lbs.
  • Width of 32 inches

Cons of this option

  • It's a workout to inflate, might want to consider buying an electric pump
driftsun balance sup with accessories


  • Inflatable
  • Extra wide 34 inches
  • Super stable for Yoga
  • 1 Year Guarantee on materials, workmanship, and assembly + 30 Day No Hassle Returns
  • Carries up to 400 lbs.

The Driftsun Balance is the ideal platform for yoga on a paddle board. It’s large wide at 34 in and stable with a huge Eva traction pad that makes it comfortable for all your yoga poses and can even handle your dog’s claws.

The design of the Driftsun has been thoroughly tested. It is extremely rigid and when fully inflated is similar in strength to a hardboard but much lighter. It is made from the same rugged materials as white water rafts.

This board comes with everything you need the paddle pump the leash and a repair kit.

This board is manufactured in the USA. It’s the perfect blend of size portability strength and good looks.

Pros of this Board

  • It's easy to pack and inflates very quickly
  • Includes full accessory bundle
  • Available in two color combinations

Cons of this option

  • You can feel the board flex more when you move around on it

Are foam paddle boards good?

Yes.  And well, it depends.  There are some foam SUPs, like the ones lister here, that are very good.  A few of the best are the South Bay Board Co. Premium Beginner SUP and the ISLE Cruiser.  These are excellent boards.  

But, you need to be careful.  A lot of foam SUPs are priced cheap, and are manufactured using super cheap materials and techniques.  You get what you pay for, and that's ok as long as you are aware of this going into your purchase.

Some foam SUPs are really cheap which is for a specific buyer.  There are a lot of families that go on vacation to the beach or the lake, and they'll pick up a cheap foam SUP and use it on vacation and basically throw it away when vacation is over.  

Can you use a foam surfboard as a paddleboard?

Sure, you can, but do you really want to?  If all you have is a foam surfboard and you have a paddle, you can certainly try to paddle standing up on your surfboard, but it's not ideal.

Surfboards are designed for surfing, not SUP.  A surfboard is going to be smaller and more narrow and a lot less stable than a paddleboard.  Surfboards are also best used... in the surf.  One of the cool things about SUP is that you don't need waves, you can SUP on flat water, like lakes or rivers, and a surfboard just won't perform well on flat water conditions.

What is the best SUP board for beginners?

It depends on the person.  In general foam paddle boards can be a great option for beginners and people new to the sport.  Foam boards are lighter and because of this they are easier to maneuver.  

Another nice aspect of foam SUPs for beginners is that the foam is a forgiving and softer surface for the falls that are basically guaranteed to happen when you are just learning how to stand up paddleboard.

Foam SUPs are also a lower price point paddleboard.  It makes sense when you are new to the sport, not to spend an arm and a leg on your first board, and so getting a foam SUP makes a lot of sense.

Are cheap paddle boards any good?

Some are and some are not.  It's like anything.  If you spend too little, then you'll get a board that will break down on you quickly.  But you can still find good values, SUPs that are not too expensive, but that still have a decent quality so the board will last, and you'll have fun.

The best price to quality board on this list is probably the California Board Company's Hydra.  After that we'd pick the South Bay Board Co.'s Beginner SUP, and then our favorite is the ISLE Cruiser, but while the Cruiser is not expensive, it is certainly not cheap either.

Final Thoughts

Foam stand up boards are fun to ride. They are ideal for beginners and not worrying about letting friends, family, and guests use your expensive SUP.

The highlighted boards are some of the best you can get, and it will enable you to get to a new level in stand up paddleboard fun.