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Best Wakeboards for Beginners Compared

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Looking for the Best Wakeboard for a Beginner?

For riders that are just learning to wakeboard it is critical to get the basics right.


Because getting the fundamentals right makes it easier to pick up the skill of wakeboarding and this makes it more fun.

The more fun something is, the more likely you are to keep doing it.  

When you are new to the sport of wakeboarding the first thing you want to do is get a board that is sized correctly for you.  If you go too big or too small, you won't be able to ride it as well, and you'll get frustrated and want to give up.

So, first step is to get the right sized board.  

Basically, larger wakeboards are for taller and heavier riders because they have the extra force needed to turn and maneuver the surface area of a larger board.

The smaller and lighter the rider, the smaller board they'll need. 

front and back view of the ronix vault

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • Board sizes: 135cm, 140cm, 145cm
  • Beginner friendly design
  • Designed to make cutting & carving easy and to build confidence
  • 20% lighter than previous model

The Ronix Vault wakeboard is an excellent option for beginner and intermediate riders. Ronix Vault is one of the all time favorite boards ever tested by the PaddleboarSurf team. It has a soft flex that makes it easy to turn, and the continuous rocker provides plenty of pop.   

Plus, the Vault comes in a variety of fun colors and graphics. The Ronix Vault has a new graphics top sheet that gives you more grip while on the water.

It also has a new Mococoque and Krypto cable construction that provides maximum durability with dual-density rubber that is stronger than traditional cables. Thus, the cable gives you more pop and strength when riding.

Besides, Ronix Vault also has Mod Pour foam, making it lighter, stronger, and faster than any other wakeboard. The foam core provides the perfect balance of buoyancy and stiffness for all riders, allowing swift movement on the water.

Moreover, the Ronix Vault graphic top sheet has a smooth texture and is lightweight and durable. Additionally, it has the ideal size and weight capacity to be used by more than one person at the same time without any issues.

This board comes in two different sizes: 135 cm & 140 cm. The smaller two boards weigh about 25 lbs, while the larger version weighs around 27 lbs, making them both very lightweight for beginners who are just starting.

If you're looking for a board to help you progress your riding skills, the Vault is worth considering.

Pros of this Board

  • 3-stage rocker
  • Removable fins
  • Designed for beginner to intermediate riders
  • Built tough, light, and affordable

Cons of this option

  • One of our favorite boards, so can't really find any downside to report
top and bottom view of the rave sports impact

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • Size: 122 cm
  • Strictly for beginners and riders less than 125 lbs.
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Good for small children

Looking for a wakeboard that will provide you with a fantastic riding experience? Look no further than the RAVE Sports Impact Wakeboard. This board is designed to deliver precision control and performance while still being easy to ride.

So if you're a beginner rider, the RAVE Sports Impact Wakeboard is perfect for you. Plus, it comes in a variety of cool colors so that you can stand out on the water.

The Impact wakeboard is a great way to introduce your child to the sport of wakeboarding. It's designed for riders under 125 lbs (57 Kg) and features a continuous rocker that makes it easy to get on the board and start riding.

Moreover, the two-point adjustable Charger Boots fit most children's shoe sizes, making this board easy for kids to use and adjust.

In addition, the four-point design helps keep your child balanced while they are learning how to wakeboard, giving them more confidence as they progress in their skills.

Also, this board features a continuous rocker, which delivers more pop and control. RAVE sports Impact wakeboard is worth considering for beginners, including children.

Pros of this Board

  • Great for learning wakeboarding
  • Stable 
  • Built to be strong, flexible, and lightweight.

Cons of this option

  • Many children are too big for this board
top and bottom view of the liquid force rhyme

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • Tremendous fun per dollar!
  • Sizes: 134 cm, 139 cm, 144 cm
  • Easy to control even in choppy water
  • Built with a wood core

Looking for a versatile wakeboard that will help you progress your skills? The Liquid Force Rhyme wakeboard is perfect for riders of all levels. This board is designed to provide a smooth and responsive ride, making it easy to tackle tricks like grabs and spins.

The Rhyme wakeboard is perfect for weekend warriors and pro riders alike with its durable construction. The Liquid Force Rhyme is the first of its kind, an all-new diamond-shaped hybrid rocker.

The Rhyme also has a diamond split-tip shape with inverted sidecut ends. This unique shape allows for unmatched edge hold and rail to rail control. The board’s aggressive three-stage rocker will enable you to initiate any trick with ease while maintaining a smooth pop off the wake.

Additionally, the Diamond Split Tip Shape with Inverted Sidecut Ends offers an increased edge hold on top of the water, allowing you to carve into turns with confidence.

The Paulownia wood core gives this board more pop than most other boards on the market today. So if you're looking for a top-of-the-line wakeboard, be sure to check out the Liquid Force Rhyme Wakeboard.

Pros of this Board

  • Designed so the rails are softer and more forgiving in the middle section which prevents hang-ups and easier transitions on the water
  • 1 year manufacture warranty
  • Triple concave hull helps produce lift to pop you out of the water with ease

Cons of this option

  • Not the lightest board
top and bottom view of the hyperlite state

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • Sizes: 130 cm, 135 cm, 140 cm, 145 cm
  • Easy to ride
  • Significantly shortens the learning curve for beginners
  • Built with Hyperlite's lightest most durable core

Hyperlite State 2.0 board is perfect for beginner to intermediate riders and boasts various features to make your ride smoother and more enjoyable. With a stiff flex, the State 2.0 keeps you stable on the water and provides good pop off the wake.

Plus, its continuous rocker pattern helps you stay in control while cruising or performing tricks. This wakeboard is a continuous rocker board with an asymmetrical shape, molded-in-toe side footbed risers, and M6 inserts ideal for beginners and intermediate riders.

Also, the Monocoque construction makes the board strong and durable, while the Abrupt Continuous Rocker creates fast edge-to-edge transitions. Furthermore, its molded-in fins help you get more grip on the water surface to have better control over your ride.

This excellent wakeboard comes with Biolite 3 Core which provides maximum strength needed for wakeboarding. So if you're looking to take your wakeboarding skills up a notch, be sure to check out the Hyperlite State 2.0.

Pros of this Board

  • Great for beginners to intermediates
  • Will make people that learned on a traditional wakeboard jealous at how quickly you pick up the skill
  • 1 year manufacture warranty

Cons of this option

  • Sometimes beginners struggle taking the fins on and off
top and bottom view of the hyperlite machete

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • Size: 136 cm, 144cm
  • 3 stage rocker design
  • Two year manufacture warranty
  • 4 removable fins give you as much control as you want

The Hyperlite Machete wakeboard is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders looking for a board that will give them the performance they need to take their skills to the next level.

This board is designed with a continuous rocker pattern, which provides a smooth ride and consistent pop off the wake.

Hyperlite’s Machete is a three-stage hybrid rocker board with a unique center fin to provide stability and control. The Enduro base is smooth, fast, and durable for all conditions.

The Bio3 Core provides maximum weight reduction without sacrificing strength or rigidity. The Machete has four removable fins so that you can customize the ride to your liking.

Moreover, the fins offer reliable tracking and stability when you need them most. This board has been reviewed by some of the best riders globally, including Benji Weatherly, who won gold at X Games 2015 with this same model.

So, if you're looking for an all-around board that will help you progress your riding skills, be sure to check out the Hyperlite Machete. 

Pros of this Board

  • 3 stage rocker helps you to pop off the wake
  • The edge is sharper at the tip and tale, making it easier to turn without a punishing bite
  • Flat in the middle with mild rocker on the tip and tale

Cons of this option

  • Not the best for people with large feet
top and bottom view of the liquid force reverse

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • This board can do it all, it's a quiver of one
  • Full wood core construction
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • 3 Position M6 Inserts

Are you looking for a versatile wakeboard that can do it all? The Liquid Force Re-Verse Wakeboard might be just what you need. This board is perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike, thanks to its wide range of capabilities.

From the minds of Liquid Force, the Re-Verse is a continuous rocker board that offers aggressive performance for riders who want to push their limits. The constant rocker shape also combines with a rounded squaretail design to create a water magnet.

The resultant attraction force allows you to initiate turns and hold on through high speeds quickly. This durable construction is built for riders looking for an aggressive ride in any condition.

The Liquid Rail keeps you locked in and stable without sacrificing pop, while the Triax Glass Layup provides plenty of strength without adding too much weight. Also, the three-position M6 inserts allow you to choose your preferred stance on the board.

Additionally, this board is designed with a unique rocker line that provides excellent pop off the wake, making it perfect for intermediate and advanced riders. So if you're looking for a new board to take your riding to the next level, the Liquid Force Re-Verse is worth checking out.

Pros of this Board

  • The design of the rails provides great hold and durability while giving the flex you need
  • Rounded square tail shape

Cons of this option

  • Limited availability, often sold out
top and bottom view of the liquid force trip

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • Size: 130 cm, 135 cm, 139 cm, 144 cm
  • Classic versatile board that is great for the whole family
  • Removable center fin
  • Polyurethane core construction

Looking for a wakeboard that is versatile and performs well in various settings? Check out the Liquid Force Trip. This board is perfect for beginner to intermediate riders and can be ridden in freshwater and saltwater environments.

With a medium-sized deck and forgiving shape, the Trip provides plenty of stability for starting while also allowing for some tricks and stunts as your skills progress. Also, this wakeboard is a fully-loaded board designed for riders that want to get the most out of their wakeboarding experience.

The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard has everything you need to master your skills, with a full tip shape for added pop and an adjustable D-I-S-C hull with molded-in fins for control.

Additionally, its D-I-S-C hull, molded-in fins, and rocker provide a smooth ride with a lot of pop off the wake. The Trip features a fuller tip shape, making it easier to initiate turns while keeping its width through the tail for high speeds.

This wakeboard also features a rocker on the tip and tail, which provides extra lift off the water, keeping you floating high in the air. Thus, if you’re looking for an excellent all-around board, the Liquid Force Trip is worth considering.

Pros of this Board

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Available board sizes available for every body type
  • Plenty of grip and stability for the rider

Cons of this option

  • This board is a bit heavy compared to the competition
top view of the obrien system

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • Size: 124 cm, 135 cm, 140 cm
  • A great first wakeboard
  • Makes the learning curve fun
  • Extra buoyant foam core

The O’Brien System Wakeboard is the perfect board for all levels of wakeboarders. This board is designed with a continuous rocker, which provides a smooth and consistent ride.

The System Wakeboard is also equipped with molded fins and a removable center fin, making it easy to maneuver. Plus, the soft EVA deck provides plenty of grip and comfort while you ride.

The continuous rocker line offers a smooth, predictable ride, while the feather core and double-stacked sidewalls provide plenty of pop for big tricks. The System Wakeboard also has two removable Attack 1.4 center fins that can be easily removed or added depending on conditions or rider preference.

A grab rail allows for easy grabs off the wake without reaching down into the water. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been wakeboarding for years, the O’Brien System Wakeboard is the perfect board for you.

Pros of this Board

  • A rider can start as a beginner and grow to an intermediate with this board
  • 1 Year warranty
  • 2 removable center fins

Cons of this option

  • Not much to say, this board is pretty good

How To Choose a Wake board For a Beginner?

There is nothing like the feeling of gliding across the water on a wakeboard. If you are new to wakeboarding, it can be tough to figure out which board is right for you. How do you know which one is right for you with all of the different shapes and sizes?

It can be hard to know where to start as a beginner. Fortunately, in this article, we will look at some of the best wakeboards for beginners. We will also discuss some of the features you should look for when choosing abroad. 

Thus, this comprehensive guide is sure to help you make informed decisions when selecting the perfect wakeboard for yourself. So, if you are just getting started in wakeboarding, keep reading.


 1. Size

 A beginner should choose a board that is not too big or too small. If the board is too big, you will have a hard time controlling it, and if it is too small, you will be limited in what tricks you can do. 

 2. Weight

 Consider your weight and the person who will be riding with you before placing a wakeboard order. A heavier person should choose a bigger board and vice versa. 

 3. Affordable Price

 A beginner should not invest in an expensive wakeboard. It is crucial to find a board that is affordable and within your budget. Shop around and explore the various boards out there to get a good deal. 

 4. Quality

 It is also essential to find a board made with high-quality materials. This will ensure that the board lasts longer, and you will not have to replace it as often. 

 5. Durability

 Another vital factor to consider when choosing a board is its durability. You will want a board that can withstand wear and tear and lasts for multiple uses.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best wakeboards for beginners, look no further—the discussed list of boards will suit your needs and provide safety at all times.

Whether you are an experienced rider or just getting started on the water, these boards offer something to fit everyone's skill level.