flatwater on a SUP

6 Best Non Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards 2020

Adventure sixty forty paddle board

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • Dual purpose hybrid SUP
  • 60% surf 40% flat water
  • Nose plug for mounting a GoPro
  • Available in 2 sizes: 9'4", 10'0"
  • Center cavity handle for easy carrying
  • Basically: wide, stable, and great to learn on, with multiple color options available

If you're looking for a versatile SUP that can go from the flatwater to the surf, without missing a beat, then you'll love the Sixty Forty MX.

The Sixty Forty MX benefits from being shorter, wider, yet still packed with volume.  You get the feel, glide, and stability of a larger board, when paddling in flatwater while loving the maneuverability of the smaller dimensions.

The subtle displacement of the hull minimizes slapping and improves cutting through the water.

The molded epoxy construction is quite durable and the soft deck traction and tail kick provides for hours of comfortable paddling.

The Sixty Forty MX is good for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced riders and is comfortably surfed in waves up to 4 feet high.

top, bottom, and side views of Isle cruiser soft top rigid sup

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • Sturdy build
  • All around board good for all skill levels
  • Rigid
  • All purpose design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Basically: wide, stable, and great to learn on

The ISLE Cruiser Soft Top is a classic SUP that can handle a wide variety of people and skill levels. It is built using an epoxy core and adding a soft layer on top that is firm but also grippable with wet feet.

The Cruiser Soft Top is designed to handle everything from small ocean waves to lakes to fishing in quite coves and is even a good platform for SUP yoga, if you want to test your stability on the water.

It comes equipped with a smaller 4 point bungee system in the front, which is great for most situations. If you are doing some gear intensive activity like fishing, you might need a larger 6 point bungee system, but for most applications, you’ll be fine with the 4 point system that comes on the Soft Top.

Carrying your Soft Top is easy with a standard center mounted carry handle. What makes this carry handle better than most is the pop up feature, so that when it’s not in use, it closes flush with the board.

The board has a single center fin, and at 31 inches wide and 27 pounds this durable construction means that you won’t have to worry about bumping and banging your board.  It can handle it.

The Soft Top also comes with a carbon adjustable paddle

This is one of the best all around stand up paddle boards you can get for the money.

top, bottom, and side view of the tom carroll outer reef mx sup

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • Equally suited for flatwater or surf
  • Stability without sacrificing flow or paddle efficiency
  • Rigid
  • Crafted for a clean smooth glide and uninterrupted momentum
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in 4 sizes: 10', 10'6, 11', 11'6

All of Tom Carroll boards are crafted by being more "water friendly".

What does that mean?  

It means that the Outer Reef MX is designed with Double Concave contours in an effort to get the water to spriral as it moves across the board.  The result is a board that glides through the water, as opposed to traditional SUP's that crudely push water forward, which results in a sluggish ride.

The Outer Reef MX design elements gives an increased flat water paddling speed, easy turning ability, and better response when riding waves.

The Outer Reef MX is fast, turns on a dime, is perfect on flat water and catches waves like it’s nothing. Also, it’s very light so you'll have no problem hauling it around.

If you're looking for a stable board that also glides through the water, this one is for you.

isle glider rigid paddleboard

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • Epoxy and wood paddleboard
  • Beautiful look and classic design that can handle flatwater to small ocean waves
  • 10'10" long, 31 inches wide, 4.5 inches thick
  • Weight: 23.5 pounds, lighter than many inflatable SUPs
  • Quality construction methods using fiberglass and a durable paulownia wood veneer finish
  • Ride it and love it for 60 days or return it! + 1 Year Warranty on Materials


The look.  The design.  The ISLE Glider is a beauty of a board for those that prefer a clean and classic, timeless design.

The Glider is an all-around paddleboard that can handle beginners as well as providing a fun time for more advanced paddlers and wave riders.

This paddleboard is engineered for firmness, stability, while providing ample maneuverability by taking a precision EPS foam core, then layering on a fiberglass resin, paulownia wood veneer for extra stiffness, and a final fiberglass resin layer to lock it all together.

The Glider makes life easy with the ample bungee space on the nose of the board as well as a feature we love here at PaddleboardSurf.com, the carry handle that lifts up when you need it, then sinks down flush into place when you don't.

The middle of the board has a soft brushed traction pad, where you will spend most of your time.  But the rear of the board has diamond grooved traction pad that is provides even more grip for more athletic moves when surfing waves.

Everything you need to get on the water is included, a leash, an adjustable carbon paddle, and a center fin that does not require a special tool to install or remove.

If you want something that is light, yet firm enough for a bit of performance on more challenging water conditions, all while being one of the best looking SUPs around, the ISLE Glider is for you.

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • Super lightweight @ 22 lbs.
  • Sizes 10’4” and 11’2”
  • RigidBeginner board
  • Premium design
  • Beautiful look

This board is awesome.  The Generator uses the best materials, design, and construction techniques and it shows.  This board excels in small to medium surf with good stability and maneuverability

The Generator has a flatter rocker design, which means it does well in flat to slightly choppy waters.  With a width of 32” and a depth of 4.4”, this board is designed more for stability than for speed

The board is constructed with natural wood fibers, carbon tail patches, that give it added strength while also maintaining a useful amount of flex.

The Generator has a standard 4 point bungee system and wider head and slimmer tail which makes it slip through water.  All around one of the best boards you can buy.

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • Touring board
  • Durable construction
  • For mid to long range distance paddling
  • Affordable
  • Built for the whole family

The Promenade has a displacement hull and carries a lot of volume

One of the only downsides of this board is the weight.  At 34 lbs it is not the lightest board, but it is beefy.  You are not going to have to worry about it, this one can take a beating and be fine.

This board is great for touring or distance paddling.  It was made to with stand the abuse of being a rental board.  So if you are looking for a board for the whole family, and you don’t mind if friends or neighbors use it as well, because you know it’s going to hold up, then this is the board for you.

The Promenade is 11 ½ feet long and 32 inches wide.  It’s one of the thickest boards out there at 7.3 inches thick, which goes to durable go anywhere design.

A single center fin and 2 piece paddle is included.