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Best Skimboards for Beginners Compared

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Looking for the Best Skimboard for a Beginner?

If you are looking for the finest skimboards for novices, then you need not look any further, we got you covered!

Skimboarding is an fun way to experience the board riding associated with surfing without needing to wait for the ideal wave.

You don't need perfect waves for skimboarding, you just need a beach. 

In contrast to surfing, skimboarding doesn’t require you to head out into the deep waters in search of waves, or wait for perfect conditions since it features the versatility of wave riding in more average waters found on nearly every sandy shore. 

This makes it the perfect sport for greenhorn skimboarders, and looking to have the most fun on their trip to the beach.

You can easily find yourself overwhelmed when selecting the right board for your skimboarding adventures which is why we have prepared this guide of the five best boards to choose from, as well as a clear-cut buyer’s guide to assist make an informed decision. 

top view of the slapfish board

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • Board sizes: 41" - 52"
  • Optional arch bar
  • Optional board bag
  • Ultra glide bottom 

A Slapfish skimboard is one of top recommendations in this guide.

This board has the same measurement lengthwise as the South Bay Board Co. skimboard. So, there’s adequate room for you to perform your skimboarding tricks. Also, this board doesn’t have any weight limits when you purchase 50" board and up.

We love the Slapfish.

Another plus of the Slapfish skimboard is the material used to make it. To ensure absolute precision, the manufacturer handcrafts this board using fiberglass.

Another great feature of this board is the Poly PVC foam – it’s waterproof and lightweight. Therefore, there’s no risk of layer separation.

So far, we haven’t encountered any shortcomings with this skimboard.

Pros of this Board

  • The product is handcrafted with absolute precision
  • No risk of layer separation
  • Lightweight
  • No limited weight capacity

Cons of this option

  • Not the cheapest skimboard option
top view of the sandfish board co cruiser

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • Sizes: 35", 40", and 45"
  • Foam top construction
  • No wax needed
  • Slides easy on sand

If you’re a newbie to skimboarding or you’re looking to move up to a more performance-oriented board, then the Sandfish Board Co. Cruiser is a great option for you. The board is fabricated from laminate and poplar, both lightweight and extremely durable materials.

The board features a grippy and soft foam at the top that disregards the need to use wax. The board is 18.75 inches wide and 40 inches long. These are ideal dimensions for riders weighing 125 to 175 lbs.

The skimboard has been made to ensure maximum performance for anybody learning board techniques. This learner-friendly shape is steady but navigable enough to learn some moves on, like slide or shuv-it.

Pros of this Board

  • An inexpensive performance skimboard
  • Grippy and soft foam top
  • Lightweight laminate and poplar construction
  • Versatile performance board

Cons of this option

  • Fragile shipping materials can result in some customers receiving their board with minor defections
top and bottom view of the south bay board co skipper

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • Sizes: 36", and 41"
  • Several different colors to choose from
  • Better than many boards costing 3X as much
  • Tremendous value

This novice-style board has a nice-looking rocker shape with EVA traction to provide you with a stable footing. Asa newbie, sliding off is among the most frequent challenges you can expect to face.

With this amazing EVA traction, your feet will be firmly rooted to the board.

Even though we aren’t huge fans of the wood bottom, it is very durable and features a high sheen coating. This is among the most affordable boards on our guide and is suitable if you’re uncertain about your venture into skimboarding.

Pros of this Board

  • Perfect for newbies on small waves and in shallow water
  • Supports weights of up to 150lbs
  • Standard thruster nose with very slight rocker to avoid nose-diving

Cons of this option

  • The wood bottom isn’t ideal, but considering the cost, it’s ok
top view of the beachmall deluxe wood

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • Tremendous fun per dollar!
  • Two color options
  • Built for speed and control
  • Super fun in the beach wash

This might be the perfect skimboard for kids, as well as beginners.  Kids can handle these skimboards without encountering any hitches.

Unlike common boards that are usually very difficult and heavy for children to operate, these skimboards are lightweight and have been fabricated with a revved-up shape to assist in cutting across the sand.

Manufactured from solid wood, you can expect this board to sustain several of your future adventures. Thanks to the superior constituents used in its fabrication, it can stay for hours in salt water and be exposed to the sun without getting damaged.

Moreover, the skimboard’s top features a layered EVA traction pad for optimum grip.

This not only adds some cushion to the board to prevent riders from experiencing tired and sore feet, but it also assists users to manipulate and connect with the board while riding.

Pros of this Board

  • Durable protective resin
  • EVA foam traction pad for optimal grip
  • Lightweight design

Cons of this option

  • Not the best board of advanced tricks
top and bottom view of bindy australia skimboard in multiple colors with bag

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • 3 colors: black, green, aqua
  • Size: 41"
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Built with plenty of grip to help beginners
  • #1 selling skimboard on Amazon

If you are thinking about getting into skimboards and you’re a beginner, you should consider getting this 41-inch skimboard as it is the most reasonably priced skimboard specifically made with the best shape suited for learners.

The board also comes in a range of colors.

This skimboard is a great gift for children or teens looking to venture into this ocean sport. If you fall under either category, you can begin by mastering the skill of riding as a sandboard in the ridges before riding on larger beach waves.

Newbies require all the grip they can muster which is why this board has an EVA Grip. There’s no need for an additional traction pad or wax because this Bindy delivers all the grasp you require while your feet are wet. 

Pros of this Board

  • Fabricated from long-lasting and durable materials
  • Comes included with a board bag
  • The front of the board is curved a little to avoid nose-diving

Cons of this option

  • Board bag quality could be improved
top view of the db standard streamline in blue and black

What Makes This Board Stand Out:

  • DB's most popular shape and flex characteristics
  • Great for beginners to skimboarding
  • One of the most versatile skimboards available
  • Good for lake and beach sand and waves

If you are looking for a multipurpose skimboard, then you should think about trying the DB standard streamline skimboard. It can really performs on heavy to light waves and can even be used for sand skimming.

The board comes in only two big, heavy sizes and is best suited for transitional riders or adults. The dimensions of the large one are 43.5” x 19.5” x 0.5” while the smaller ones are 40.5” x 18.5” x 0.25”.

Patterned EVA foam is used to layer the surface allowing for sufficient grip without the need for using wax. Because of how it’s shaped, it enables you to perform nifty tricks and easy turns.

Pros of this Board

  • Provides excellent support for easy sliding, long rides, and technical tricks
  • Features a well-liked shape with a flex lay-up
  • Reasonable deterioration and wear from UV, long sessions, and saltwater

Cons of this option

  • Heavier compared to the competition

How To Choose a Skimboard For a Beginner?

When shopping around for a skimboard, one has to take into account an array of factors. Which is the best brand to go with? What is the cost of this skimboard?

And so on.

Nevertheless, at first, you should concentrate on the following three aspects. They are certainly the factors that will affect your safety along with your overall experience.

The first aspect to take into account is the size. This factor will significantly influence the manner you learn skimboarding, and how you’ll be able to operate the board in general.

Generally, the larger the board is, the simpler it will be for the newbie to operate. Conversely, the more seasoned users, tend to go for smaller skimboards. This is because small boards assist them to slice the wave with ease.

Take a look at the list of recommended board sizes you can choose from.

Extra Large (>=51 inches) for weights ranging from 180-220 lbs.
Large (49-51 inches) for weights ranging from 160-200 lbs.
Medium Large (47-49 inches) for weights ranging from 140-180 lbs.
Medium (45-47 inches) for weights ranging from 120-160 lbs.
Small (=< 45 inches) for weights ranging from 80-140 lbs.

Still, the size charts of some models may vary. Therefore, remember to re-check the board size! Or in the event you are unsure about these size charts, we recommend that you try out the skimboard personally.


Skimboards are made out of three types of materials, including carbon fiber, foam, and wood. Every material has its properties.


Wood skimboards are suitable for those players on a budget. They are perfect for many light users because wooden boards are usually flat and thin. But these types of skimboards are a little bit heavy. 


Foam is lightweight and will assist you to float easily. Furthermore, thanks to this property, you can prolong the duration you can stand atop waves.

The only shortcoming of foam is its low sturdiness when compared to other materials. Because of this, you must review the foam’s weight capacity before purchasing.

Carbon Fiber

Another alternative if you’re looking for a lightweight material is carbon fiber. Compared to foam, carbon fiber is lighter. The key benefit of carbon fiber is that it will make you float easier. Also, persons using carbon fiber skimboards can attain faster speeds compared to other boards.

We recognize the high performance of skimboards made from carbon fiber.


Pin-shaped tail

The exceptional performance of the pin-shaped tail is to guarantees stability.

For greenhorn users who’ve never used a skimboard, it can be difficult to remain balanced. In this case, the board with this tail will safeguard them from falling over. This is one of the top reasons we highly recommend this type for children and learners.

Square-shaped tail

The square shape is the second kind of skimboard tail that can be used. This type of tail provides excellent flexibility compared to the former. After getting adept with skimboarding, you can select this kind of tail. Given the flexibility it provides, you’ll be able to perform difficult board tricks and techniques.

Is a Beginner board Right for You?

Skimboarding is among the most exhilarating board sports that anybody can take part in. Greenhorn players can skim around the shallow waters while more seasoned riders can hit the deeper water and pull off intricate wave maneuvers.

Skimboarding is an super fun for anybody that loves the feel of the ocean waves. We hope that this article has provided you with the rigor to begin skimming and learn new stunts. When you have the perfect board just for you, skimming is sure to become your favorite beach activity!