fishingman paddling on a SUP with fishing poles attached

SUP Paddles For Sale – Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles

​Not all paddles are equal.

Some paddles have better quality construction, some are lighter, some have wider blades and some just plain feel better.

This is our list of paddles we think get it right from design, to locking mechanisms, to overall construction.

Thurso Surf carbon paddle

What Makes This Paddle Stand Out

  • ​3 piece adjustable full carbon fiber
  • ​Double locking mechanism
  • ​21 cm wide blade
  • ​adjustable legnth from 71" - 87"
  • ​27 ounces weight
  • ​​EZ payment plan available

​This is a serious paddle. The THURSO SURF SUP Carbon Elite Paddle is an extremely light paddle that provides excellent performance.

If you are racing, touring, or surfing, this carbon paddle won't disappoint.  The goal of the designers was to maximize all four phases of the stroke, and we think they succeeded.

The durable carbon fiber construction makes this paddle not only lightweight, but also give it the ability to float if you happen to drop it in the water.

And interestingly, this paddleboard paddle can also be converted in to a kayak paddle

riding waves on a SUP board
Thurso carbon paddle

What Makes This Paddle  Stand Out

  • ​Carbon fiber shaft with nylon paddle
  • ​paddle blade is ​​8.5''/21 cm wide
  • ​light and strong, highly adjustable to fit all heights
  • ​weighs 32 oz.
  • ​ideal for cruising, surfing, or racing
  • ​​EZ payment plan available

​The THURSO SURF SUP Carbon Paddle is the younger sibling to the Carbon Elite.

Like the Elite, this paddle can be converted to a kayak paddle as well, when you purchase the extra blade seperately.  

The shaft is very strong due to the carbon fiber, while the blade is strengthed by a rib that runs down the center of it. This design ensures the blade doesn't flex under pressure.

The 3-piece design has a double lock system, and is quick and easy to assemble.

This is a solid paddle choice for those that don't need all the capabilities that the more expensie Carbon Elite has.

​3. ​Hala Grafik Carbon Travel Lock & Load

Hala grafik paddle

What Makes This Paddle  Stand Out

  • ​LeverLock® Adjustable Carbon Shaft
  • ​1 Year Manufacture Warranty
  • ​Adjustable Carbon Shaft
  • Clamped Adjustable Handle
  • ​7 Ply CFRT Fibrlite Grafik Blades
  • ​​No twist, no water leakage

​The Hala Grafik Carbon Travel Lock & Load is just about the highest performance paddle, that's suitable to travel with, that you can find on the market today.

The No-Twist clamp was designed to keep water out, and the grips are designed to prevent from twisting.

The 3 piece paddle breaks down into a mere 41 inches with makes it easy to travel with and you can even fit it into your baggage.

The paddle comes in the classic matte black so often associated with carbon fiber products.  

And be aware that the blade is a bit wider than most paddles.

The Hala Grafik Carbon Travel Lock & Load is a paddle that floats and it also comes with a 1 Year Manufacture Warranty.

​4. ​​Accent Advantage Hybrid

Hybrid Accent Paddle

What Makes This Paddle Stand Out

  • ​industry leading Hybrid Shaft System
  • ​elastomer shaft grip design
  • ​high Stroke Rate blade design
  • 1 year Manufacturer warranty

​Accent is leading the way in the paddle industry with their innovative elastomer grips that they place on the shaft.

These grips are designed to give you great grip while also reducing the amount of pressure and tension that builds in your hands.

You can be confident of your grip in challenging surf, and have to stamina to last for hours on the water without grip fatigue.

The Advantage Hybrid is lightweight with just about the perfect amount of flex during the stroke.