three people on stand up paddleboards in crystal clear water

Top 15 Locations for Paddleboarding this Summer

In summer, nothing is more relaxing than the susurration of waves before colliding the sandy shores. Water sports are in high demand during this time of year. In particular, Paddleboarding is a popular outdoor adventure sport that gained popularity across the globe as it tests your balancing skills and is fun to do.

You might be wondering what this sport is? Well, paddleboarding is a water sport where you stand up on large boards that look like surf boards, but are a bit larger, and glide over water using a paddle.

It does not matter if you’re experienced and a newbie, these spots over the world are probably the best place to experience a whole new level of fun.

Oahu, Hawaii

Undoubtedly, no list is complete with mentioning Hawaii, as the best place to paddleboard. This place is the holy land for the surfer around the globe, as the land is the birthplace for both surfing and paddle-boarding.

During summer, the water in Hawaii is significantly more settled, and ideal for even beginners to learn the sport. Not to forget, there are many incredible places in Oahu, especially Sunset beach on the north shore.

Santa Cruz, California

In Northern California, Santa Cruz would probably be the best place to test the water with paddle boarding; however, the water can be agile and chilly to shake your bones.

With various board lessons and guides available, Santa Cruz pier is the perfect spot for this sport. Not only this, for newbies there is the option to paddle around the harbor too without venturing into the ocean.

Home of a large community of stand-up paddleboarders, so you will have good company and the option to try a few other adventure sports.

Turks and Caicos Island

Paddle-boarding is a significantly well-known sport here, as the blue-green water sounds the place is a safe house for boarders to venture. These islands will give a whole new experience with a different perspective.

On top of that, while paddling on the clean blue-green water around the ocean, you get the chance to see nurse sharks swimming under your board.

Lake Tahoe, California

California offers more SUPing spots that anyone can count on. Despite the high number of spots, Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful. The perfect glass-clear water with mountains reflected down below; excellence at its best.

It is recommended to check out the place in the first half of the day or early evening when the water is mostly flat and light winds, especially if you’re beginners and keen to learn the sport.

The Bahamas

This destination opens the doors to about 700 islands and 120 miles of shorelines. Turquoise water, and white sand, make this place a perfect escape. Great Abacos and Exuma are perfect places for SUPing.

If you’re planning to go to Nassau, you get the chance to experience boarding as well, and easy availability for all the equipment on rent you require for paddling.

A bonus for you is that dolphins frequently visit the harbor so seeing one pop-up is more common while paddling

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is majorly famous for surfing, but paddleboarding gained popularity in the past decades. The Gulf of Papagayo is the ideal place, especially for those who don’t have the opportunity and enough time to learn to catch a wave.

As the destination is guarded by the peninsula Papagayo from wild water from the ocean, which makes it ideal for beginners.

In addition to that, Tamarindo beach, Guanacaste, Lake Arsenal are also very popular spots for this sport. During the dry seasons, generally, water is clear, and it's fun to paddle when you see the marines down below in the water.

Key West, Florida

Where the sky meets the oceans, Florida is one of the most loved holiday destinations in the US. The warm, crystal clear water makes it the best place for adventurous outdoor aquatic sports.

Key West offers serene spots of beaches and harbors with an abundance of marine life. Travelers visiting the island can navigate to a large extent by using the trade winds to ride the board.

There are plenty of tours and board rentals are available in the Key West, so don’t worry we promise you won't be disappointed.


Diverse climate and terrain invite all kinds of explorers. With its oceans, rivers, and lakes, this place offers huge opportunities for enthusiasts and fans for paddleboarding.

On 531 acre-Lake Sammamish state park, serene water invites all levels of SUP fans and can enjoy 7 miles of lake to explore, especially for unique water sports activities like paddleboarding yoga.

For less experienced travelers, you may opt for freshwater boarding on any one of the three lakes of Deception Pass state park. There are few places in these areas, where you have the option to hike and camp overnight and swim or picnic.

Malibu, California

Escondido Beach is the best place to get acquainted with paddleboarding, as this beach has sandy shorelines and close breaking waves. This is the best spot to get started with the sport as flatwater is most suited for amateurs.

Once you have mastery over the sport, you can move to ride waves. Another famous beach for SUPing is Latigo point, best known as “Paddle Spot”.

Though it is shared by surfers also. The gentle waves at the spot are better for bigger boards suited for paddling.

Redondo Beach, California

Redondo beach marina and harbor is a perfect place to paddleboard. Not only this, it’s an ideal place for beginners to learn and test their skills in crystal clear water.

SUP enthusiasts of all levels are welcome here to explore the confines of the harbor. Redondo beach is significantly good for beginners and for those who want a relaxing day, as the Oceanside scenery is a reward in itself.

South Carolina

SUPing has been a trend for outdoor fun and adventures over the past few years, especially in South Carolina. In South Carolina, between Myrtle and Charleston, the hammock coast is the group of the beach town, away from the bustling grand strands and Lowcountry which makes it an ideal place for this outdoor sport.

Here you'll see turtles, dolphins, and eagles, with an option to paddle to check the island's insights, or you can plan and derail to butler island for gator sightseeing. A few places also offer cabins to rent to make your SUPing experience into a weekend getaway.

Puerto Rico

Well known as the beach lover's playground. Crystal clear water, varied marine life, and all year long moderate temperature make it an ideal place for paddleboarding around the ocean day and night.

The endless options of beaches to explore, guided trips and plenty of options to rent the equipment all over the island makes it an even more irresistible and unforgettable experience.

Beginners and young members of the family can also practice in the “Class zero” slow current zone at various spots around the island. Paddling through blue-green water into the valley is as relaxing as they are unforgettable.

The Netherlands

The best time to visit this beautiful land is in spring when the country warms up and the beauty of this place blooms to its best. Paddleboarding past tulip fields, and windmills, is something you will never forget.

It's recommended to paddleboard on the Amstel river, as you will get the chance to view modern European cities along with the countryside.

If you are brave enough to venture in winter, we suggest you get the proper winter SUP gear, as during this time of year temperature hover around freezing.

Banff, Alberta

Alberta is a home of many spectacular national parks including Banff national park. Banff is a fantasy destination for paddle-boarders, as this place is home to dozens of breathtaking lakes with clear water ranging in color from light blue to deep blue-green.

The perfect time to plan your visit is between June to August. If you desire to SUP on the brightest lake you’ve ever seen, then head to Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and make sure to watch out the shores for wildlife.

Bali, Indonesia

This place is also known as the islands of God, as this destination will nourish your soul and can fulfill your wildest SUP dreams. There are various spots to board for every skill level.

The best time to visit Bali for an unforgettable SUPing experience is from April to October. Bali has crystal clear waters encompassed by ancient temples with a perfect sunset and perfect rolling waves to test your skill in the morning.

These destinations do not offer you a lifetime experience but also are pretty friendly on your wallet.