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The Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Women

When it comes to buying a paddle board, there are a lot of options on the market. When making a purchase, women have to be careful in picking a board that fits their needs beyond the water.

Size, weight, and overall versatility of a board are important factors to consider. With this in mind, I’ve rounded up the top six boards that are the best options for women looking to buy.

Consider the options below and be sure to read the reviews on each of their sites to make sure you think they’re just as great as I do.

thurso surf yoga board package

The Tranquility Yoga SUP by Thurso Surf is the best inflatable paddle board on the market for women looking to take their yoga practice off-shore.

It is unmatched in its ability to keep you stable while going through your morning flow.

This paddle board was built extra wide, so you have all the spaced you need to stretch. It also has a built-in grippy deck-pad, ensuring you don’t risk slipping in any position.

They also built this model with all of the handles off to the side, so there’s nothing in the way of your yoga practice.

If you’re using paddle boarding to diversify your exercise or to take your routine on the water, this is the best board option for you.

It also comes with a 2-year warranty after purchase for those interested in buying.

Pros of this board

  • It’s built to be super sturdy being built with double-layer materials
  • It comes with removable fins and a carbon paddle, so everything can be customized to your needs
  • Easy storage & travel in the provided rolling backpack with every purchase

Cons of this option

  • This is a big board. It weighs 29 lbs and is 4 inches wider than the average women’s board so it may be too large for more petite women

#2. Tower Mermaid – SUP Women’s Paddle Board-10’4″ (iSUP Package)

tower womens sup package

Coming in near the top of the list is the Tower Mermaid – SUP Women’s Paddle Board. It’s cute, it’s lightweight, and it’s designed with women in mind ensuring that it’s easy to carry off to any adventure.

This board comes with a 2-year warranty when purchased through an authorized seller and comes in a summery teal colorway. Being inflatable, it’s easy to store too. They’re made to be soft and manageable at any skill level, so it’s also a great choice for beginners looking for their first paddle board.

Tower built this model to make paddle boarding accessible to all and this board meets that challenge. It also has a 400 lb weight capacity, being just as sturdy as a fiberglass comparison for paddlers of all sizes.

Pros of this board

  • Comes with accessories such as a paddle and hand-pump so you can buy everything you need in one kit 
  • It’s much more affordable than a non-inflatable paddleboard
  • Quick & easy to assemble when ready to use

Cons of this option

  • Being an inflatable board, if you’re planning to paddle in more challenging or choppy waters the board can be more difficult to manage

#3. PAIWEN Stand Up Paddle board for Women PACKAGE

Paiwen womens sup package

This bamboo paddle board is the first non-inflatable option on my list. The PAIWEN SUP package offered for women is a simple package with options for either a 9′ or 10′ board.

These boards are beautiful and there are elegant details in all of the accessories of the board. The fins, the paddle, even the coil leash are made to match the board’s aesthetic.

While looks aren’t always the most important choice, having a product that looks just as beautiful as the nature around you helps to make for a great memory on the water.

PAIWEN is a women-founded, woman-owned, woman-run business. If you’re interested in buying a solid board designed by women for women, this is the perfect choice for you.

Pros of this board

  • It’s responsibly built using bamboo materials so it’s both ethical as well as beautiful
  • These boards are extremely lightweight coming in at only 19 lbs for the 9′ option
  • Built for all levels of skill from beginner to experienced paddleboarders

Cons of this option

  • Since this board doesn’t inflate, it takes up space. While it does come with a bag to store and carry your board, it’s less convenient than other options on the market

#4. CRUISER SUP® BLISS Paddle Board Package

Cruisersup Bliss for women

The Cruiser brand makes a lot of paddle boards. One of their best options for women is the BLISS package, which comes in multiple colorways.

These boards are lightweight, super simple, and are great for activity-focused paddlers.

Each package comes with an alloy paddle, as well as the fins for the board. While this package is leaner than others mentioned, it also comes at a lower price point than comparable wood and carbon boards.

All in all, Cruiser is a reputable brand that makes a quality product at this price point. If you’ve been paddling for a while and are looking to add another board to your collection, this is the best fit for more experienced riders.

Pros of this board

  • Simple board without the bells and whistles of other packages
  • Great for families due to size and two-year warranty. These boards are long enough to have children or pets ride along at 11’6″ in length
  • The deck pad on this board is full-length, allowing multiple people to stand or sit comfortably

Cons of this option

  • This package doesn’t come with an ankle strap or carrying case. So if you’re planning to travel often you may need to purchase separate accessories

#5. ISLE Scout Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Isle Scout Coral color

The Scout Inflatable Paddle Board is the best inflatable option for family adventures. With all the perks of a wooden board, but the travel perks of a smaller counterpart.

Like other boards mentioned on this list, ISLE built a board that can do it all. It has a full-length deck pad with an improved traction grip, meaning passengers can feel secure riding on the nose of the board or you can feel secure in a yoga flow.

The Scout board comes in two different colors, both being bright and giving summer vibes.

With the total package coming with a board, paddle, fins, leash, bag, and hand-pump the price point on this option simply cannot be beaten.

Pros of this board

  • This board keeps you high of the water, being 6″ in height when fully inflated
  • It’s only 21 lbs despite being a full 11′ long, making it great for taller women as well
  • The materials are extra tough PVC, meaning the board is also pet friendly with no risk of paws popping the inflatable board

Cons of this option

  • Even though it is inflatable, it’s still a bit large when in its storage bag. For those traveling or living with little storage, there are more compact options on the market

#6. Wolf package (all conditions)

Wolf SUP package

Rounding out this list is the Wolf Package from High Society. This board is a unisex board, designed for serious adventurers. It’s not for beginners, but it is a serious contender for women who take on challenges while paddling.

The Wolf Package comes with a big board, bag, as well as the necessary fins and paddle so you can ride as soon as it arrives. It is less traditionally pretty than other options on this list but is designed for versatility on the water. Unlike others on the list as well, it has a 3-year warranty versus the 2-year option offered by other brands.

The Wolf Package is a fantastic option for those looking to share a board with their partner or want to test their endurance.

Pros of this board

  • It’s a 10’6″ board that also manages to be 32″ wide, making it stable on the water
  • Made from military-grade materials, it can stand up to any water conditions you put to the test
  • High Society is a small, premium brand so the quality and customer service are held to an industry-leading standard

Cons of this option

  • The company was founded to build snowboards, and this unisex board reflects that culture in its appearance

Final Thoughts

There are so many great paddle boards on the market. As more people get interested in the sport, this list will only continue to grow. Be sure to consider your options and pick a board that fits your skill right now.

The best times on the water are spent on boards that fit their rider’s preferences. With luck one of the boards above will be perfect for you too.