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6 Best Hand SUP Pumps

Stand Up Paddleboard Pumps

Inflatable SUPs are legendary among paddlers, and for good reason — they're easier to lift, set up, and transport than a bulky hard board or a kayak.

To get the most from your inflatable board, it's a good idea to buy a sturdy SUP hand pump.

While these pumps require a bit of extra effort, they pay off in serious flexibility. 

The Benefits of SUP Hand Pumps

Without the need for batteries or electrical connections, you have the freedom to start a paddling trip from virtually any location.

Want to hike up to an alpine lake?

Dealing with a long, sandy beach-access path?

Just tuck a pump in your SUP carrying bag and fill up when you get to the water. The majority of hand pumps also help you deflate the board when it's time to head back to the car.

nrs super pump


  • Easy to read pressure gauge
  • A solid pump to pack on multi-day trips
  • Low-volume, two-hand pump
  • Also works to deflate boards and boats
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty against defects

Built for durability, the NRS Super Pump is a budget-friendly option for light-duty SUP inflation.

The single-chamber design is engineered specifically for drop-stitch inflatable SUPs that require pressures of 20 psi or lower.

Use the pump in dual-action mode to speed up the inflation process; when the board is nearly full, simply remove the red plug from the top-mounted port to switch to the easier single-action mode.

Constructed from aluminum and polypropylene, this NRS pump is light enough to carry into the backcountry and tough enough to use in harsh conditions.

At the end of the trip, the deflate mode helps you roll up the SUP quickly. With its affordable price tag and simple design, the NRS Super Pump is an ideal option for occasional hike-and-paddle trips.

Pros of this Pump

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable aluminum shaft
  • Single-action and dual-action modes for efficient inflation

Cons of this option

  • Inflates SUPs to a maximum of 20 psi
thurso surf hand pump


  • Great for Inflation and Deflation
  • Inflates up to 29 PSI
  • HR valve adapter included
  • Weight: 2.6 Pounds
  • Dual port design

Speed through the setup and breakdown process with the THURSO SURF SUP, which features separate inflation and deflation ports.

This pump features a unique design that places the valve and hose on the exterior of the pump body; this position increases stability and reduces friction, so it takes less effort to fill your SUP.

Choose from single-action or dual-action modes, and rely on the oval shape of the handle to keep your hands comfortable as you work.

While you're hiking in, paddling, or hiking out, the handle detaches for space-efficient transportation.

This model is suitable for SUPs that fill to 29 psi or less. Lightweight and easy to use, the THURSO SURF SUP pump is a versatile option for any paddler.

Pros of this Pump

  • Unique valve placement reduces friction for easy pumping
  • Dual-action and single-action modes allow comfortable inflation
  • Compact body and removable handle

Cons of this option

  • Single chamber design requires longer inflation times
Chimera iSUP pump


  • 100% faster than a single chamber pump
  • Maximized inflation efficiency
  • Detachable handle and base, making the pump super compact 
  • 1 year Full Warranty
  • Inflates up to 29 psi

The THURSO SURF Chimera pump uses a dual-chamber design for fast, efficient inflation. It's engineered to deliver twice the amount of air as a smaller single-chamber pump, so you can fill up in half the time.

This pump comes with three different pressure levels, making it easy to choose the option that fits your upper-body strength; it also enables you to adjust to the resistance inside the board as it fills.

An integrated pressure gauge helps you avoid over-filling or under-filling. This pump comes with a flexible, durable hose and a Halkey-Roberts valve tip that's made to fit most SUPs.

Although this model is bigger than single-chamber pumps, the handle and base are removable for easier carrying. Powerful and speedy, this pump gets you on the water in less time.

Pros of this Pump

  • Dual-chamber design inflates faster
  • Textured handle for a firm grip
  • Unit breaks down for easy transportation

Cons of this option

  • Bulkier than single-chamber pumps
nrs super pump


  • Inflating your board is effortless
  • Cuts pump time in half
  • Can reach 20 psi with minimal effort
  • Great value
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty against defects

With its ultra-durable construction and flexible inflation options, the NRS Super 2 HP Pump is easy to use for paddlers of all sizes.

The magic is in the concentric-chamber design — the compact inner chamber requires less effort, so you can inflate an SUP without feeling exhausted.

If you're feeling strong, engage the outer chamber for faster inflation. Both chambers activate with the push of a button for quick changes on the fly.

The NRS Super 2 HP Pump features a sturdy design that's ideal for challenging expeditions and frequent use in outdoor settings.

It comes with a variety of adapters to suit valves including the H3, Leafield C7/D7, Halkey-Roberts, and Summit 2, making it a versatile option for group paddling trips. Durable and flexible, this pump suits a range of users.

Pros of this Pump

  • Strong outer shell for a long lifetime
  • Multiple valve adapters
  • Two different pressure settings for high and low effort

Cons of this option

  • Requires careful hose disconnection to prevent air loss
irocker hand pump


  • 100% faster and 50% easier than the standard dual action hand pump
  • integrated pressure gauge
  • Slim body for easy transport
  • Low monthly payments available

The Full Throttle Hand Pump from iRocker is an excellent high-speed pump for stronger paddlers. Using two air chambers, it doubles the amount of air that enters your inflatable SUP with each pump, so you can spend less time on setup.

A handy button helps you switch into single-chamber mode, which is ideal if you're feeling tired or you want to conserve energy before a day on the water.

A small pressure gauge on the top features a colored chart for easy pressure readings at a glance. One of the best features of this pump is the textured surface on the contoured handles; it helps you maintain a tight, comfortable grip as you pump.

The sides of the base angle toward your body for greater stability on sand and rocky surfaces. If you have average upper-body strength, the Full Throttle is a breeze to use.

Pros of this Pump

  • Two chambers for fast inflating
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge

Cons of this option

  • Smaller paddlers may struggle to maintain the effort near the end of the filling process
bravo sup pump


  • Dual Action Inflation
  • Air Pressure Gauge
  • High pressure, capable of up to 27 PSI
  • High volume, 2000 cubic cm, 122 cubic inches
  • Lightweight and comfortable

Using a dual-action design, this Bravo SUP hand pump maximizes the effort you put into pumping.

All you need to do is engage the dual-action mode, and the pump will deliver air to your SUP on both the down and up motions.

If you're feeling tired, use single-action mode to save your energy for paddling. This model is engineered specifically for high-pressure items such as inflatable SUPs, and the gauge provides accurate readings up to 27 psi.

With its compact body, the Bravo hand pump is lightweight and easy to carry on long-distance hikes to remote lakes and streams.

Pros of this Pump

  • Optional dual-action design allows fast inflation
  • Single-action mode is accessible for paddlers with less strength
  • Slim body for easy carrying

Cons of this option

  • Takes longer to inflate your SUP than a dual-chamber model

Final Thoughts

With a reliable hand pump, you have the freedom to take your inflatable SUP on any outdoor adventure.

Whether you're floating a mountain stream or paddling a remote lake, a great pump helps you set up quickly and get on the water.