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5 Best SUP Yoga Paddle Boards 2020

Yoga is the practice of building strength and mobility through stretching. By working out physically with yoga it allows your mind to relax. Taking the practice of yoga to the water is a unique challenge and these paddle boards are a great fit for your yoga on the water.

Performing yoga on paddle boards has become so popular that now there are boards specifically designed for yoga. They tend to be wider thicker and more stable than the average paddle board.

thurso surf yoga board package

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • inflatable
  • ​shaft of paddle crafted out of carbon
  • large EVA deck pad
  • ​strongest inflatable stand up paddle board structure on the market
  • complete package
  • ​reasonably priced

​The Tranquility by Thurso Surf is designed specifically for paddlers that like to practice Yoga and Pilates.  That is why this board was created with stability in mind with a wide 30" body and a soft grippy EVA deck pad to improve traction while stretching.

This wide surf is even more useful due to the side Velco closures that will keep your paddle from floating away while you're holding your Down Dog position!  The sturdy solid built ensures that you'll stay dry all through your yoga practice even with waves from passing boats.

While ​Tranquility is purpose built for Yoga, it's not limited that.  The contoured shape of the nose and the wide flat tail make this an ideal SUP for cruising and flat water tours.

This is a ​great choice on the lake even when water turns chopping.

2. ISLE Scout Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Isle scout paddleboard

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • ​inflatable
  • full length groove traction pad
  • length 11’
  • ​complete package

​The ISLE paddle board company has been making paddle boards for years. They have designed the Scout inflatable to be specifically for yoga.

The Scout has a depth of 6 inches which allows a paddler to perform yoga maneuvers without getting wet. The EVA traction pad on the ISLE Scout inflatable is one of the softest in the industry and covers the entire deck.

And at 32 in wide you will have plenty of room for your yoga poses.
The Scout has everything you need to get on the water including an adjustable carbon shaft, paddle, leash, carry backpack, high pressure pump, and Center Fin.

Not only is the ISLE Scout extremely popular as an all around paddle board, it comes with ISLE’s 60 DAY RIDE AND LOVE IT GUARANTEE.

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • rigid
  • full length groove traction pad
  • lengths 10’5”, 11’2”
  • carbon hybrid adjustable paddle, leash, and touring fin included

The ISLE Versa is a great all-around paddle board that will do well for yoga. It is constructed of a durable epoxy that is also lightweight.

With a width of 32 inches and 175 liters of volume, this board is plenty stable for your on the water yoga positions.

The brushed EVA traction pad composes the center of the board and is a great pad for yoga poses. The rear consists of a tail pad for extra traction and maximum grip while turning or surfing.

And easy-to-navigate board for beginners, the ISLE Versa will give you confidence and help you truly enjoy cruising on the water.

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • inflatable
  • full length groove traction pad
  • lighter, stiffer inflatable paddle board
  • adjustable aluminum paddle, leash, and touring fin included

The PEAK Yoga Fitness is one of the lightest boards around, when fully inflated it only weighs 18 lb. Yet it is strong enough and stable enough to support up to 275 lb.

The board has a huge soft non slip Eva deck pad that is the perfect platform for your yoga routine.

This board is perfect for people who want a paddle board that can be used for yoga but also function as a recreational board as well.

The peak fitness is a complete setup with a backpack a high pressure dual action pump an adjustable aluminum paddle a leash and even a waterproof phone case.

Whether you want to do Pilates, yoga, or just tool around on the water. This is the board for you.

​5. Driftsun Balance 11’ SUP Inflatable

What Makes This Paddle Board Stand Out

  • inflatable
  • extra wide 34 inches
  • super stable for Yoga
  • 1 Year Guarantee on materials, workmanship, and assembly + 30 Day No Hassle Returns
  • carries up to 400 lbs.

The Driftsun Balance is the ideal platform for yoga on a paddle board. It’s large wide at 34 in and stable with a huge Eva traction pad that makes it comfortable for all your yoga poses and can even handle your dog’s claws.

The design of the Driftsun has been thoroughly tested. It is extremely rigid and when fully inflated is similar in strength to a hardboard but much lighter. It is made from the same rugged materials as white water rafts.

This board comes with everything you need the paddle pump the leash and a repair kit.

This board is manufactured in the USA. It’s the perfect blend of size portability strength and good looks.